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A Sudden, Fearful Death

Created by LindaC007

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Perry, Anne
A Sudden Fearful Death game quiz
"Why would anyone murder dedicated nurse Prudence Barrymore? No one shows Victorian London's dark side like Anne Perry in her William Monk mysteries. NOTE: The killer's name will be told."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Why did Mrs. Julia Penrose hire private investigator William Monk?
    Some valuable heirloom jewelry had disappeared.
    She wanted to discover who assaulted her sister, Marianne.
    She feared her husband had taken a mistress.
    A strange man was stalking Mrs. Penrose.

2. Where in London's Royal Free Hospital was the body of Prudence Barrymore found?
    Laundry chute
    Linen closet
    Nurses' dormitory

3. Who was with Lady Callandra Daviot when she found Prudence Barrymore's body?
    Dr. Kristian Beck
    Mrs. Flaherty
    Sir Herbert Stanhope
    Lady Bernice Ross Gilbert

4. Why did Lady Callandra Daviot ask William Monk to investigate the murder of Prudence Barrymore?
    She was one of the Governors of the Royal Free Hospital.
    She did not trust the police to catch the real killer.
    All of these are correct.
    Lady Callandra had a great respect for Prudence Barrymore.

5. How had Hester Latterly been acquainted with Prudence Barrymore?
    Hester had never meet Prudence.
    Prudence was Hester's half-sister.
    They both had been nurses with Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War.
    They had gone to finishing school together.

6. On the morning Prudence Barrymore died, who came to the hopital and had a violent argument with her?
    Miss Nanette Cuthbertson
    Sir Herbert Stanhope
    Mrs. Faith Barker
    Geoffrey Taunton

7. What did Mrs. Faith Barker, Prudence Barrymore's sister, give Monk that led to Sir Herbert Stanhope's arrest for Prudence's murder?
    Prudence's gold locket engraved with "All my love, Herbert"
    Stanhope's gold cuff links that she'd found in Prudence's rooms
    Letters from Prudence that gave Stanhope a motive for murder
    A telegram from Stanhope to Prudence setting up a tryst

8. In whose office did Lady Callandra Daviot see Marianne Gillespie, Julia Penrose's sister?
    Dr. Kristian Beck
    Oliver Rathbone
    William Monk
    Inspector Jeavis

9. Oliver Rathbone was Sir Herbert Stanhope's attorney at his trial for the murder of Prudence Barrymore.

10. Who murdered Prudence Barrymore?
    Sir Herbert Stanhope
    Dr. Kristian Beck
    Lady Bernice Ross Gilbert
    Geoffrey Taunton

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