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Write Your Own Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta

Created by jouen58

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Write Your Own Gilbert  Sullivan  Operetta game quiz
"Another classic routine by British comedienne Anna Russell explains how anyone can create their own G&S operetta by following a simple basic formula. Have Fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Russell explains that, so long as you follow a simple basic formula with all the necessary ingredients, you can create your own Gilbert & Sullivan operetta and you can put it wherever you like (so to speak). Where does Russell put hers? (Don't be rude!)
    New Orleans
    New York City

2. The story runs thus: Parnassus Q. Vanderfeller has lost his fortune and risks losing his place in the Social Register unless he regains it. Being far too aristocratic to get a job, he decides to marry his only daughter to a rich man. His daughter, needless to say, is engaged to a veritable pauper named John Smith and is torn between filial obligation and love. What is her name, by the way?

3. The romantic lead, John Smith, is the tenor who, according to tradition, MUST sing an aria in 6/8 time, usually accompanying himself on a stringed instrument. Complete the title of his aria: "Things would be so different, if ____________"?
    "...they were not as they are"
    "...they were not the same"
    "...they did not stay the same"
    "...I had a little more dough"

4. The rich man whom the heroine must marry, though she doesn't love him, is Clodbelly Bunyan, the rich tycoon. He sings the inevitable patter song (which includes an encore, whether you ask for one or not). In this song he tells how he became a rich tycoon. Which of these nefarious activities does he NOT admit to having pursued?
    Corrupt politics
    Drug dealing
    Organized crime

5. In the inevitable encore to the inevitable patter-song, what terrible admission does our rich tycoon make?
    He's gay
    He's impotent
    He's lost his money
    He's really a woman

6. Before the wedding, the assembled guests are entertained by the Madrigal, sung by a mixed quartet. Why does Russell ask the audience's indulgence before this number?
    She has to sing the men's parts.
    The quartet never showed up.
    Her quartet singing isn't what it used to be.
    Only half of the quartet showed up.

7. Just as the knot is about to be tied, the wedding is interrupted by the inevitable portly contralto with a foghorn-like voice; indispensible to any G&S operetta. What is her name?

8. The contralto character is currently the Vanderfeller's publicity woman. Prior to this, however, she had been a nurse in a maternity ward (of course!). As you've probably guessed, she got her charges hopelessly mixed up. One of them was little Clodbelly Bunyan, whom she claims had an identifying birthmark. What was it shaped like? Hint: it rhymes with his name).
    The continent of Africa
    A Spanish onion
    An hourglass
    A lizard

9. Naturally, John Smith is found to have the identifying birthmark behind his ear. Thus, he is really the rich tycoon and can marry the heroine after all. What is Clodbelly Bunyan's fate?
    He goes to jail.
    He goes to the poorhouse.
    He becomes John Smith's valet.
    He has to marry the contralto.

10. A long finale concludes the operetta. Which of these does NOT figure in the finale?
    A chorale
    A fugue
    Saluting the flag
    A dance

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Compiled Jun 28 12