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"Good Times" with J.J. and the Evans family

Created by diamondjim68

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Good Times with JJ and the Evans family game quiz
"This quiz is on that Dyn-O-Mite 70's sitcom "Good Times". Have a good time playing it."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the first episode, how did the Evans family come up with the $104.50 to pay their rent?
    They borrowed the money from Florida's cousin
    Florida got the money doing a health tonic commercial
    James got the money by hustling pool
    J.J. got the money by selling his painting of Black Jesus

2. Why was Michael suspended from school?
    He called George Washington a racist
    He painted a sign that said "if you could read this sign, you didn't go to Harding elementary school"
    He refused to take an I.Q. test
    He beat up another student for getting a better report card than him

3. Why was J.J. arrested on his 18th birthday?
    He was accused of robbing a liquor store
    He got into a stolen vehicle driven by a friend
    He and his friends were running a prostitution ring
    He took part in a gang fight

4. When Mad Dog, leader of the Satan Knights, shot J.J., what consequence did he face?
    He went to reform school
    James beat him up
    He went to the penetentiary
    He was put on probation

5. Why did James turn down a $500 a week construction job?
    There was something in the contract he didn't like
    He didn't think he can do the job well
    The company was replacing the projects with office buildings
    It was in Alaska

6. What kind of operation did Florida have?
    Kidney Stone

7. A little boy in the building shot himself with the gun James bought to protect his family.

8. What was James's father's name?
    James Sr.

9. James was killed in a plane crash on his way home from Alabama.

10. How did Florida meet her second husband, Carl?
    Michael was working part time at his appliance repair shop
    He owned the chicken shack J.J. worked at
    They met at the singles bar Willona took her to
    They met through a computer dating sarvice

11. What was the name of the gang that drafted Michael?
    Junior War Lords
    Junior Satan Knights
    Black Widows

12. When Willona legally adopted Penny, what almost caused a damper on them?
    Penny was arrested for shoplifting
    Penny's natural mother tried to prove Willona was incompetent
    Bookman claimed he and Willona were married
    Willona's boyfriend took her on a trip and left Penny home alone

13. J.J. had a dream that he turned white.

14. Who did J.J. donate a pint of his blood to?
    Sweet Daddy Williams

15. In the final episode, everything started to turn around for the family. Keith's leg healed and he got back with the Chicago Bears, Willona got promoted to head buyer, Thelma announced she was pregnant, what happened to J.J.?
    He sold his comic strip of Dyn-O-Man
    He sold his comic strip of Dyn-O-Woman
    He married a rich woman
    He opened up his own art school

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Compiled Jun 28 12