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The Series Finale of "Friends"

Created by ginger67

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : The Last One (Series Finale)
The Series Finale of Friends game quiz
"Well it looks like this great show has come to an end. I thought I'd create a quiz on the very last episode, aired on May 6, 2004. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was one thing Chandler was talking to Erica about before she gave birth?
    if she's sure she wants to give up her baby
    if she likes the pants he's wearing
    which hurts more: giving birth or a kick in the groin
    if she's planning to go out on a date after the delivery

2. We see that Rachel and Ross spent some intimate time together in the beginning of the episode. What were they doing when we first saw them?
    they were eating strawberries and whipped cream while in bed
    Ross and Rachel were both getting dressed
    Rachel was getting dressed and Ross was talking to her while still in bed
    they were cuddling in the bed

3. Who gave Ross a book about sex, as a joke?
    a guy from his work
    an old friend from college

4. Who kept interrupting Phoebe when she was singing?

5. Where did Phoebe keep telling Joey the chick and the duck that he and Chandler used to have were?
    at the beach
    at Chandler's aunt's house
    on a farm
    in heaven

6. Who cut the umbilical cord on the baby boy?
    the doctor
    just Monica
    Chandler and Monica
    the nurse

7. Who destroyed the foosball table?

8. Who did Ross tell that he was in love with Rachel?
    Phoebe and Joey
    Chandler and Joey
    Monica and Chandler
    Phoebe and Chandler

9. What got in the way of Ross telling Rachel how he felt at Central Perk?
    he was telling her, but then she got a phone call from Monica
    he just chickened out again
    Gunther told her that he loved her
    Joey told Rachel that he still wanted to be with her

10. What did Joey ask Ross to get him while he was up at the front counter telling Rachel how he felt?
    a danish
    a muffin
    a coffee
    a scone

11. How did Chandler describe the umbilical cord?

12. Who walked in first holding the one baby?
    Answer: (Monica or Chandler)

13. What did Joey and Chandler do before the foosball table had to be taken a part?
    they played one last game
    they said goodbye to the players on the table
    they cried and hugged
    they kissed the table

14. Who was going to take care of Emma while Rachel was settling in when she got to Paris?
    Rachel's father
    Rachel's mother
    Ross' parents

15. Who got into Phoebe's cab, thinking it was in service?
    a woman
    a man and his wife
    two teenagers
    a man

16. How many times did it take Phoebe to reach Rachel on her cell phone while she was on the plane waiting for take-off?

17. Ross finally admitted his true feelings to Rachel. What did she do?
    she hugged Ross and went home with them
    she slapped him across the face and left
    she kissed Ross and told him that she didn't feel as strongly as he did
    she didn't know what to do, so she got back on the plane

18. What happened when Ross got home?
    Rachel was standing there waiting for him
    he listened to his messages
    he started to cry
    he took the picture of Rachel, Emma and himself and stared at it

19. What did Rachel ask Monica and Chandler if they had time to do what, before going to their new house?
    one more big hug with the gang
    a coffee with the gang
    ten more minutes with the gang
    a moment of silence with the gang

20. What was the last thing the camera focused on before the credits came on?
    the empty apartment
    Chandler closing the door for the last time
    the hall
    the door

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