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Christie Encyclopedia

Created by LindaC007

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Christie, Agatha
Christie Encyclopedia game quiz
"How well do you know Agatha Christie's mysteries? Why not try my Christie Encyclopedia quiz (A-Z) and find out?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A: Since Hercule Poirot and Capt. Arthur Hastings were in Agatha Christie's very first published novel, "The Mysterious Affair At Styles", let's begin with them. Hastings helped Poirot solve "The ABC Murders", but was Hastings in the Hercule Poirot mystery "Appointment With Death"?

2. B: There were a lot of bodies scattered all over the place in Christie's mysteries, wasn't there? Can you fill in the title "The Body in the ______" and find out where the body was found in the 1942 Miss Jane Marple mystery?

3. C: Mrs. Ariadne Oliver, famous mystery writer, first met Hercule Poirot, famous detective, at a bizarre dinner party with a guest list made up of murderers and sleuths. Can you tell me the title of this Christie mystery, first published in 1936?
    Cards on the Table
    (The) Carribean Mystery
    Cat Among the Pigeons
    Crooked House

4. D: That Arthur Hastings fell in love with a young lady who was half of an acrobatic, singing, dancing vaudeville duo certainly proves the old cliche "opposites attract" is true. What was the name of the girl Hastings fell in love with in "Murder on the Links"?
    Della Duprene
    Dorthea Daven
    Dulcie Duveen
    Dixie Daring

5. E: What was the final Christie mystery to feature a collaboration between Mrs. Ariadne Oliver and Hercule Poirot?
    Elephants Can Forgive
    Elephants Don't Forget
    Elephants Can Remember
    The Third Elephant

6. F: In their first mystery, "The Secret Adversary", Tuppence and Tommy searched for a girl who survived the sinking of the Lusitania only to mysteriously disappear. Her first name was Jane, but what was her last name?

7. G: Rex Fortescue's killer brought down justice on his (or her) own head when they murdered Miss Marple's former parlormaid in "A Pocket Full of Rye". What was the name of Miss Marple's murdered maid?

8. H: Holidays are for people to get away from their jobs, but whenever Hercule Poirot took a holiday, murder was sure to follow. Which one of these mysteries did NOT take place during one of Poirot's holidays?
    Appointment With Death
    Death on the Nile
    Hallowe'en Party
    Evil Under the Sun

9. I: Since "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" was Christie's first mystery novel, that makes Mrs. Emily Inglethorpe Christie's first murder victim, so Mrs. Inglethorpe has the honor of being "I". How was Mrs. Inglethorpe murdered?
    Strangled with the belt of her robe
    Shot with a pistol
    Poisoned with strychnine
    Stabbed with a dagger

10. J: Can you please tell me the name of the Scotland Yard Inspector that appeared in several of the Hercule Poirot mysteries?
    Answer: (One Word-4 letters, starts with J)

11. K: What was the name of the village where Hercule Poirot spent his brief retirement raising vegetable marrows in "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd"?
    Knight's Head
    King's Abbot
    King's Crossing

12. L: What was the name of Hercule Poirot's very efficient secretary, Miss ______?
    Answer: (think yellow citrus fruit, 5 letters)

13. M: Murders and the Murderers that committed them are the key ingredients in every Christie mystery, but which one of these "Murder" mysteries is NOT the title of a Christie novel?
    Murder with Mirrors
    Murder at the Gallop
    Murder in Mesopotamia
    A Murder Is Announced

14. N: Agatha Christie's novel "Nemesis" featured which of her sleuths?
    Superintendent Battle
    Hercule Poirot
    Miss Marple
    Tuppemce and Tommy

15. O: To be charged with murder would truly be an ordeal, especially if you are innocent and the only witness who can clear you does not come forward. What was the name of this 1958 Christie mystery?
    Ordeal by Innocence
    Ordeal Comes as the End
    Ordeal for Murder
    Ordeal at Sunny Point.

16. P: Mr. Parker Pyne offered a very unusual service in "Parker Pyne Investigates". His newspaper ad read:'Are you happy? If not, consult Mr. Parker Pyne, 17 Richmond Street.' Which of the following was not one of Mr. Pyne's employees?
    Mrs. Ariadne Oliver
    Mary Denbenham
    Madeline de Sara
    Claude Luttrell

17. Q: The letter Q stands for Quin as in Agatha Christie's "The Mysterious Mr. Quin". Was Mr. Quin's first name really Harley?

18. R: Rachett, the alias of a notorious kidnapper and killer, had to be one of Christie's most despicable murderers. Justice finally found Rachett in Christie's 1934 mystery "Murder on the Orient Express".

19. S: Scandalous and sexually explicit anonymous letters were disturbing the peace of the small town of Lymstock in which one of these Agatha Christie mysteries?
    The Big Four
    N or M
    The Moving Finger
    The Pale Horse

20. T: Trains were featured quite often in Christie mysteries, from the Orient Express to the train that left Paddington at 4:50. Can you tell me if the "Prometheus", featured in a 1935 Christie novel, was a train?

21. U: Under dogs need a champion, too. Did Agatha Christie feature Miss Jane Marple in her short story "The Under Dog"?

22. V: This play told the story of three women (Lisa, Helen, and Anya) who loved a bookish professor named Hendryk who destroys everyone around him. What was the title of the 1958 Agatha Christie play?

23. W: Christie's play "Witness For The Prosecution" had a very surprising ending. What was the name of the attorney that defended Leonard Vole in this classic courtroom thriller?
    Mr. Williard Stokes
    Lord William Stokes
    Sir Wilfred Robarts
    Sir Winston Churche

24. X: Who was X? X was the one criminal that Hercule Poirot could not bring to conventional justice because X was not the typical killer. X was a sadist who fed off the misery of others. X was the catalyst that caused murder. X was Hercule Poirot's final challenge. In what Christie mystery did X appear?
    The Postern of Fate
    The Sleeping Murder
    Death Comes as the End

25. Y: After the War, old friends Tuppence Cowley and Tommy Beresford found themselves unemployed and without any prospects in sight. What did they decide to call themselves?
    Young Detectives, Inc.
    Young Adventurers, Ltd.
    Young Directives for Hire
    Y.I.P. (Young Interested Persons)

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