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For Cubs Fans

Created by freudian_1

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For Cubs Fans game quiz
"Here is a fun quiz for you older Cubs fans. You younger players might find it more challenging. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was Cubs great Ryne Sandberg's original position with the team?
    third base
    second base

2. This Cubs hurler won twenty games an unprecedented 6 straight years
    Claude Passeau
    Mordecai '3 Finger' Brown
    Ferguson Jenkins
    Greg Maddux

3. This Cubs pitcher threw the only no-hitter ever tossed by a rookie for the north-siders
    Kerry Wood
    Milt Pappas
    Burt Hooten
    Ferguson Jenkins

4. This fan favorite came within one pitch of tossing a perfect game
    Greg Maddux
    Rick Reuschel
    Milt Pappas
    Ferguson Jenkins

5. Hack Wilson knocked in this number of RBIs in 1930, still a major league record today

6. Which of these four Cubs greats was the last inducted into the Hall of Fame?
    Billy Williams
    Ernie Banks
    Ferguson Jenkins
    Ron Santo

7. This Cubs legend started his career at shortstop and eventually ended his career at first base and later served as first base coach. Name him
    Answer: (Two Words)

8. This right hander was on the mound when the Cubs clinched the 1984 Eastern Division Championship
    Dennis Eckersly
    Lee Smith
    Steve Trout
    Rick Sutcliffe

9. This Cubs player hit 49 home runs in 1987 and was named the league MVP
    Ryne Sandberg
    Bobby Murcer
    Gary Matthews
    Andre Dawson

10. This Cubs skipper led the team to the division title in 1984 and was the teams general manager when they repeated the feat in 1989
    Whitey Lockman
    Leo Durocher
    Don Zimmer
    Jim Frey

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Compiled Apr 05 13