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'Angela Anaconda'

Created by hungreee

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Angela Anaconda game quiz
"Angela Anaconda would be so happy to know someone made a quiz about her. Her dream in life is to be 'the center of the center of attention' and have everyone totally focused on her. So please pay close attention and make Angela happy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of Angela's school?
    Bathwater Springs Elementary
    Tapwater Springs Elementary
    Freshwater Springs Elementary
    Darkwater Springs Elementary

2. Who is Angela's best girl friend?
    Nanette Manouir
    Tiffany Spacey
    Francine Praline
    Gina Lash

3. Whose family owns a pizza place?
    Gina Lash
    Johnny Abatti
    Angela Anaconda
    Nanette Manouir

4. What is Angela's baby sister's name?
    Lu Lu
    Boo Boo
    Dee Dee

5. Who is Angela's greatest enemy?
    Sally Stevens
    Josephine Praline
    Johnny Abatti
    Nanette Manouir

6. What is Gina Lash's favorite dessert in the cafeteria?
    Pound Cake
    Puffy Pralines
    Marshmallow Pudding
    Jiggly Fruit

7. Who is Angela's teacher?
    Mrs. Brinks
    Mrs. Bricks
    Mrs. Grinch
    Mrs. Nicks

8. What is Angela's dog's name?

9. In every episode Angela does what:
    uses her imagination
    loses something
    fights with her brothers
    goes to the pizza joint

10. What is Angela always saying?
    Then the best thing was....
    Once when I was....
    On account of...
    Back when I was....

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Compiled Jun 28 12