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Interesting Information in Quizzes

Created by dg_dave

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Interesting Information in Quizzes game quiz
"If you create a quiz, you may have noticed that all questions now require interesting information to be approved. Here is a way to make sure your interesting information is just that. This will help both the experienced quizmaker as well as a beginner."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. If you are writing a quiz on a celebrity, what are you allowed to do?
    Have an editor do the work for you
    Look up information on the person
    Type nothing out and only guess yourself

2. Which of the following statements would not be considered a good "interesting information" statement?
    This is my favorite game.
    In "Jeopardy!" a contestant with negative or zero winnings is not allowed to play in "Final Jeopardy!"
    In "Super Mario Brothers 3," if you get a raccoon tail, you become raccoon Mario.
    Southfork Ranch, from TV's "Dallas," is located in Parker, TX.

3. Does interesting information have to be in a complete sentence?

4. Will an editor put interesting information in for you?

5. How many questions need interesting information?
    half of them
    one quarter of them
    none of them
    all of them

6. Can an editor reject a quiz just for bad interesting information?

7. Has interesting information always been required on FunTrivia?

8. What does the light bulb icon stand for on a quiz?
    It is a highly rated quiz
    It is an editor's choice quiz
    None of these
    All questions have interesting information

9. Is the interesting information allowed to be the question in repeated form?

10. Which of the following can you use for interesting information?
    both of these
    the Internet
    neither of these

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Compiled Jun 28 12