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Created by Sithspawn

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Oedipus game quiz
"A quiz about the man that married his mother."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who were Oedipus' real parents?
    Laius and Jocasta
    Creon and Antigone
    Creon and Jocasta
    Laius and Antigone

2. Where does the story take place?

3. What was the answer to the Sphinx's riddle?
    a man
    a horse
    the fates

4. Why was Oedipus left to die by his real parents?
    he was a sacrifice to Apollo
    it was prophesized that if he inherited the throne, he would be a cruel ruler
    it was prophesized that he would kill his father
    he was a sacrifice to Zeus

5. Who found and rescued Oedipus?
    a doctor
    a thief
    a king
    a shepherd

6. How did Oedipus get his name?
    an injury
    the place where he was found
    his luck at being found
    in honor of the gods

7. Where did Oedipus live with his adoptive parents?

8. How many children did Oedipus have?

9. Why did Oedipus vow to leave his home in Corinth?
    he needed to fulfil the prophecy
    he was ordered in a dream/vision to visit the temple of Zeus
    he wanted to find his real parents
    he thought his adoptive father was his real father

10. When Oedipus found out the truth about his disfunctional family, what did he do?
    poisoned himself
    hung himself
    blinded himself
    stabbed himself

11. Where did Oedipus unknowingly kill his father?
    on a mountain
    on a road
    at his palace
    in a forest

12. What are Oedipus' daughters' names?
    Antigone and Ismene
    Jocasta and Ismene
    Antigone and Jocasta
    Helen and Ismene

13. Which of these people is Oedipus descended from?

14. What led to Oedipus finding out the truth about himself?
    a flood
    a plague
    a draught
    an earthquake

15. As told by an oracle, what was the way for Oedipus to solve his kingdom's natural disaster problem?
    finding the murderer of the former king
    all of the oxen in the kingdom had to be sacrificed to Zeus
    twelve virgin sacrifices
    getting rid of the Sphinx

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