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Manchester Music late 20th century

Created by burnagekid

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Manchester Music late 20th century game quiz
"Test your knowledge of 80's and 90's Manchester music. People, places and events that shaped our northern paradise.If your not from here than that was an example of our 'funny' sense of humour.So give it a go and see if Yer Mad Fer It."

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1. Who is the late 80's and early 90's pop icon that is affectionately known as king monkey?
    Shawn Ryder
    Mick Hucknall
    Mark E Smith
    Ian Brown

2. What was the name of the Manchester record label that is credited with bringing on the 'Acid House' revolution?
    Rough Trade
    Factory Records

3. What was the original name of the popular group which is now called New Order?
    Men In Leather Pants
    Joy Division

4. What was the name of the former lead singer of the band now known as New Order?
    Ian McCulloch
    Ian Dury
    Ian Curtis
    Ian Brown

5. Who was the founder of Factory Records?
    Tony Wilson
    Steven Patrick
    Tony Blair
    Gareth Evans

6. What was the name of the outdoor concert where The Stone Roses played to a massive audience in and is looked upon as a catalyst for the Brit pop explosion of the early to mid 1990's?
    Monterey Pop
    Reading Festival
    Spike Island

7. Who is the guitar player that can be associated with the following bands: Electronic, The Smiths, Healers, and The The?
    Johnny Marr
    Paul Ryder
    John Squire
    Noel Gallagher

8. In the Smiths' song 'Panic', what is the Yorkshire town Morrissey sings the name of?

9. Where did Oasis rehearse for most of their time as underlings in the Manchester music scene?
    King Tuts Wah Wah Hut
    The International 2
    The Hacienda
    The Boardwalk

10. What was the name of the once cavernous and eventually packed out club owned by Factory Records boss Tony Wilson?
    Area 51
    The Hacienda
    The International 1
    The Apollo

11. What band was Noel Gallagher a roadie for before he joined Oasis?
    Inspiral Carpets
    M People
    Happy Mondays

12. What is the name of the festival organised to recruit new talent from Manchester?
    Isle of Wight
    In The City

13. What was an original name of The Stone Roses?
    The Police
    The Patrol
    The Rolling Roses

14. Who is responsible for the album cover art for both Stone Roses records?
    Brian Wilson
    John Squire
    Tony Blair
    George Best

15. What was the original name of Oasis?
    The Unibrows
    The Rain

16. Which band was signed in late '89, just shortly after forming based solely on the fact that they were from Northwich, which is widely considered part of the greater Manchester area?
    The Stone Roses
    The Charlatans
    Jesus Jones

17. Which member of the Charlatans died tragically in a car accident on July 22 1996?
    Mark Collins
    Martin Blunt
    Timothy Burgess
    Rob Collins

18. Who became the drummer for The Stone Roses after Reni left?
    Keith Moon
    Robbie Maddix
    Keith Richards
    Brian Jones

19. What neighbourhood did Oasis' brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher grow up in?

20. What is Morrisseys' first and middle name?
    Steven Patrick
    Brian Jones
    William Boroughs
    Will Fritcher

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