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Galaxy Quest

Created by Galaxyfan

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Galaxy Quest game quiz
"I've seen the movie "Galaxy Quest" a million times and it's the best movie ever! I thought it would be fun to make a quiz about it. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When Gwen tells Jason," It was cute when I didn't know you", what was the color of the three ladies hair who were giggling?
    Two brunettes and a blonde
    A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead
    Two blondes and a redhead
    Two blondes and a brunette

2. In the scene when Gwen is talking to Alexander on the phone after the convention, what color robe is Gwen wearing?

3. The Thermians take Jason up to the ship in a California limousine. What is the license plate of the limo?

4. When the limo is being lifted into space, a dog runs out and barks at the limo. What color was the dog?
    black and brown
    None of the these
    just black
    just white

5. When Jason comes to tell the rest of the "crew" about being up in space at the opening of Tech Value Superstore, what is Fred eating?
    ritz crackers

6. When the crew pile into the van after blowing Jason off, a man walks by the background. What tone of skin does he have, and what is he wearing?
    black skin and a hat
    white skin and glasses
    white skin and a hat
    black skin and glasses

7. Of the following, which of these actors is played Mathesar?
    Enrico Colantoni
    Patrick Breen
    Jed Rees
    Tim Allen

8. Name the three Thermians NOT in the barracks when the oxygen seal was opened.
    Teb, Lank and Mathesar
    Laliari, Mathesar and Teb
    Laliari, Mathesar and Quillek
    Laliari, Quillek and Lank

9. At the end of the movie (at the second convention), when Jason kisses Gwen, a teenage girl in the audience faints. What was on her t-shirt?
    "Galaxy Quest" logo
    A photo of the whole crew
    The words "Galaxy Quest"
    A picture of Commander Taggart

10. At the second convention, when Jason has himself and the crew bow, what order are they in from left to right? (If you were in the audience.)
    Guy, Tommy, Jason, Gwen, Alexander, Fred, Laliari
    Guy, Tommy, Jason, Alexander, Gwen, Laliari, Fred
    Tommy, Guy, Jason, Gwen, Alexander, Fred, Laliari
    Tommy, Jason, Gwen, Alexander, Fred, Laliari

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Compiled Jun 28 12