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Monty Python: Televisional Pursuit Vol. 2

Created by ninny490

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Monty Python Televisional Pursuit Vol 2 game quiz
"This quiz is about the sketches on "The Third (But Still Drastically Important and Absolutely Necessary to Have) Monty Python Videocassette.""

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In "The Killer Sheep" sketch, a man, the Council Rat Catcher, mentions that they don't have rats, those are sheep. He also says the name of the "village" where they live. What was it called?
    Wayne's World

2. In "The Killer Sheep," a woman who lives in the village of sheep becomes excited and leaves her home after hearing the name. What does she say?
    "We've been mentioned on the telly!"
    "Wayne, come quick, we're on TV!"
    "We've been mentioned on TV!"
    "We're on TV!"

3. In "The Atilla the Hun Show," what was the name of the "actress" who played Mrs. Atilla the Hun?
    Kay Sludge
    Kay Grimes
    Kay Grime
    Kay Dirte

4. In "The Atilla the Hun Show," what present did he give to his children, Jenny and Robin Atilla the Hun?
    A severed arm
    A severed hand
    A severed leg
    A severed head

5. In "Village Idiots," what was the idiot played by John Cleese named?
    Arthur Biggus
    Arthur Riggus
    Arthur Wiggus
    Arthur Miggus

6. In "Village Idiots," who did not play one of the sportscasters?
    Eric Idle
    Graham Chapman
    John Cleese
    Michael Palin

7. In "Village Idiots," what was the grand prize on the game show hosted by John Cleese?
    A car
    One year's supply of "Duminof"
    An injury of your choice
    A blow to the head

8. In "The News For Different Species," what was not one of the animals the news was modified for?

9. In "The News For Different Species," what was the Charles Dickens' novel that was being played out for parrots?
    "A Christmas Carol"
    "Oliver Twist"
    "Nicholas Nickelby"
    "A Tale of Two Cities"

10. Which of the following was not ever mentioned?
    Atilla the Gun
    Atilla the Nun
    Atilla the Hun
    Atilla the Bun

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Compiled Jun 28 12