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General Quiz's Army

Created by trident

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 10 Q. Average [A]
General Quizs Army game quiz
"General Quiz's soldiers each need to answer a question to defeat the enemy army. Answer them correctly and you will be victorious!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Private First Class Zoology: The enemy has decided to use their secret weapon, a new creature that can kill a man without warning. You have intercepted some information, the scientific name is Canis lupus. What creature is the army to prepare for?
    Vampire Bat
    Snow Leopard
    American Crocodile
    Gray Wolf

2. Corporal Geography: A narrow strip of land connects the two lands that you and your enemy occupy. This piece of land must be controlled as it is a vital piece of land that can be used to march troops and weapons. What is the correct geographical term for such a place?

3. Sergeant History: Your enemies have attacked you and your allies; you all are very powerful. Military history has taught us that "waking a sleeping giant" is not always the best way to achieve victory in a war. Which nation initiated war by attempting to sink U.S. aircraft carriers in a Pacific attack during World War II?
    Ottoman Empire

4. First Lieutenant Psychology: You have captured an enemy soldier, but there is some kind of psychological problem with him. He shows signs of insomnia, short-term memory loss, and sudden violent outbursts. What should be his diagnosis?
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Separation Anxiety Disorder
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    Conversion Disorder

5. Captain Culinary Arts: Your base camp cooks have received complaints about the quality of food they get. In order to spice up the life of the popular army whitefish, you decide to allow the cooks to start the production of tartar sauce. Which ingredient are you LEAST likely to use?

6. Sargeant Major Anatomy: Life would never be the same if you didn't have your eyesight. A soldier complains of a pressure build-up in his eye, as well as blurred vision. If not seen to immediately this problem could lead to blindness. What major ailment is he likely to have?
    macular degeneration
    diabetic retinopathy

7. Major Mythology: You come upon a rebel faction that has broken from your enemy's ranks. You know that their leader has the pseudonym of some ancient Egyptian god. In order to contact him, you need to call his name to his followers before you can meet him. You know his name is the Egyptian god of chaos. What name should you give to his followers?

8. Colonel Botany: You come across a plant that many people consider a nuisance. But, many modern herbologists consider it helpful in increasing bile production. It also helps remedy jaundice and dyspepsia if your troops happen to have those ailments. What plant are you and your troops considering eating?
    aloe vera

9. Brigadier General Geometry: You have three base camps that are in the shape of a triangle. Camp A is twenty miles from Camp B. Camp B is twenty miles from Camp C. Camp C is ten miles from Camp A. What kind of triangle does the position of your camps create?

10. General Quiz: One of General Quiz's most beloved and prized books is "The Art of War". He continually reads verses from it to gain inspiration. Who was the author, and most likely General Quiz's favorite writer, who wrote this book?
    Sun Tzu
    Lao Tze
    Genghis Khan

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Compiled Apr 03 13