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Cavy Care 101

Created by newfiegrl6

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Cavy Care 101 game quiz
"Unfortunately, few people seem to realize that guinea pigs are not low maintenance pets. I hope that after I write this quiz, a few more piggies will be receiving responsible care. Take my quiz to learn the basics!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Alfalfa is the best type of hay for a cavy.

2. What is the best type of housing for a cavy?
    A rabbit hutch outside
    Guinea pigs don't need a cage
    A large aquarium, at least 20 gallons
    A large wire cage with a solid bottom

3. Guinea pigs should be kept in pairs or groups.

4. Which type of bedding is recommended for cavies in the United States?

5. Which type of fresh food is safe for cavies?
    Celery stalk
    Iceberg lettuce

6. Cavies do not need fresh food if you give them guinea pig pellets every day.

7. Guinea pigs need exercise on the floor in a cavy-proof room. How often do you need to take them out?
    Every day, for at least an hour
    Once a week, for at least an hour
    Twice a week, for at least an hour each time
    One a month, for at least two hours

8. How often does a longhaired guinea pig need to be groomed?
    Three times a month
    Twice a week
    Every day
    Once a week

9. Do guinea pigs need to go to a veterinarian for regular checkups?

10. Guinea pigs make all sorts of interesting noises. What does loud squealing mean?
    Any of these
    Begging for food

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Compiled Apr 10 14