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Songwriters' Inspirations No. 1

Created by rblayer

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Songwriters Inspirations No 1 game quiz
"Most Americans know that Francis Scott Key's inspriation for the "Star Spangle Banner" was the battle at Ft. McHenry. How about the creative inspiration of other favorites?"

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1. Ricky Nelson wrote and recorded "Garden Party" in 1972. About what "garden" was he referring?
    A backyard garden
    Garden of Eden
    Madison Square Garden
    Garden of Good and Evil

2. What was James Taylor's inspiration for "Fire and Rain"?
    An earthquake
    A school fire
    His own life
    A car crash

3. Who was Paul Anka's "Diana"?
    A girlfriend
    A babysitter
    A movie star
    An royal princess

4. What was the significance of the numbers in the 1970 Chicago hit "25 Or 6 to 4"?
    Gambling odds
    Time of day
    Someone's birthday
    Lottery pick

5. Who was the inspiration for the Derek and the Domino's hit "Layla"?
    George Harrison's wife
    Janis Jopling
    Eric Clapton's sister
    Grace Slick

6. In 1964 the Four Seasons had a mega-hit with "Rag Doll". Who or what was the songwriters inspiration?
    A prostitute
    His younger sister
    A toy on a playground
    A ragged and dirty little girl

7. Of whom was Roy Orbison thinking when he wrote "Pretty Woman"?
    Sandra Dee
    His girlfriend
    His wife
    A woman he saw walking down the street

8. About whom did Paul Anka write 1960's "Puppy Love"?
    Annette Funicello
    Debbie Reynolds
    His first grade teacher
    His second grade girlfriend

9. One of Bob Dylan's most often performed songs is "Just Like a Woman". About whom was Dylan singing?
    A pin-up girl
    Janis Joplin
    His mother
    Rita Coolidge

10. Who was Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue"?
    His mother
    His high school sweetheart
    His drummer's girlfriend
    His imaginary girlfriend

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