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Carly Simon-Life and Songs

Created by barberwife1

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Carly SimonLife and Songs game quiz
"Carly Simon? What a gal. Here are some general question. Know some stuff about her, know some songs? This should be easy..."

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1. Carly Simon was once married to what famous singer?
    Ted Nugent
    David Crosby
    James Taylor
    Jim Morrison

2. Carly won an academy award for which song?
    Film Noir
    Let the River Run
    I Guess That's the Way I Always Heard It Should Be
    Two Hot Girls

3. Which First Lady of the United States was Carly a good friend of, and who a song off of her "Letters Never Sent" LP is about?
    Lady Bird Johnson
    Nancy Reagan
    Barbara Bush
    Jackie Kennedy

4. Carly and James Taylor's children are named Ben and Shelly?

5. Both of Carly's parent's are still living.

6. Carly is a godmother to one or more of Mia Farrow's children?

7. Which of Carly's songs was a theme song to a James Bond film?
    Coming Around Again
    You're So vain
    Film Noir
    Nobody Does It Better

8. Finish the lyric from "Like A River", a song about her mother's death..."I fought over the pearls, with the other ______."

9. What childrens' song did Carly "integrate" with the song "Coming Around Again", on the LP by the same name?
    Jack and Jill
    Simple Simon
    Humpty Dumpty
    Itsy Bitsy Spider

10. Carly whispered who "You're So Vain" was about to someone for charity?

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Compiled Jun 28 12