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Famous Folks n' Things

Created by sportcon

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Famous Folks n Things game quiz
"These are all multiple choice 'Who am I' and 'What am I' questions. Good Luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I was born in New York in 1879. I left my husband after bearing him 3 children. I was a member of the Socialist Party, wrote a militant journal called 'The Woman Rebel', and am credited with having coined the term 'birth control'. Who am I?
    Katherine McCormick
    Rachel Carson
    Martha Graham
    Margaret Sanger

2. I won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983 and was president of my country from 1990 to 1995. All of this from humble beginnings as a shipyard worker. Who am I?
    Lech Walesa
    Alexander Kwasniewski
    Saul Alinsky
    Joseph Brodsky

3. I was born Florence Nightingale Graham in 1878. I opened a beauty salon in New York City and helped to make makeup acceptable to respectable American women. Who am I?
    Elizabeth Arden
    Coco Chanel
    Helena Rubenstein
    Catherine Bauer

4. I worked for the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company in 1912 and reported on the sinking of the Titanic. When RCA bought Marconi Wireless I rose through the ranks and became president of RCA, and in 1926 I set up NBC. Who am I?
    William Shockley
    David Sarnoff
    William Paley
    Robert W. Morgan

5. My company built the Hoover Dam in 1931 and went on to become the largest engineering design and construction company in the world. Who am I?
    S. H. Kress
    Stephen Bechtel
    Morrison Knudson
    George Hyman

6. I was born in New York City, but moved to a major city on the west coast in 1969 where I operated a camera store. I was elected to my city's Board of Supervisors in 1977. My death by an assassin's bullet in 1978 caused a riot. Who am I?
    Harvey Milk
    Daniel White
    George Moscone
    Wallace Persons

7. I was born in 1895 in Vermont, and during the 1920's I was a successful stockbroker. But I had trouble with alcohol, so in 1935 I co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous and put together the 12 step program. Who am I?
    Lee Woodall
    Bob Smith
    Bill Wilson
    Harvey Wallbanger

8. I was born in Spain, but lived most of my life in France. I founded the Cubist movement and was dedicated to the ideals of communism. I gained fame with my painting, but I was also a sculptor and playwright. Who am I?
    Henri Matisse
    Pablo Picasso
    Paul Cezanne
    Georges Braque

9. I was born in Des Plaines, Illinois in April 1955. When I was six years old I was sold by my namesakes for $2.7 million. At the time of my new owner's death in 1984 there were over 7,500 of me with annual sales exceeding $8 billion. What am I?
    Dairy Queen

10. I was born in England in 1908 and served with British Intelligence in World War II. After the war I was a journalist with the London Sunday Times. My first novel appeared in 1953. Who am I?
    George Eliot
    William Stephenson
    Ian Fleming
    Kingsley Amis

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