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Professor Cheergal's Italian Ballet 101

Created by cheergal993

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Professor Cheergals Italian Ballet 101 game quiz
"Welcome, aspiring students, to Prof. Cheergal's Italian Ballet 101. You will be expected to recognize form and steps of classic Italian ballet to pass this class. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Test time! What is the bending of the knees in ballet called?

2. Now for your second question...I start in fifth position with my right foot in front, bring my right foot up to where my toes are barely touching my left knee and my right knee is bent, and bring my right foot down and close it in the back, putting my left foot in front in fifth position. What did I just do?

3. My right foot is in a tendu, and my arms are in high third position. I am facing toward a corner (i.e.downstage left or right). What position am I in?
    quase d'avant
    inverted first arabesque
    quase ron'o
    none of these

4. Vocabulary test! Define the ballet term "battement."
    to beat
    to brush
    to sweep
    to leap

5. I am in a recital, and I am upstage right. Where am I on the stage?
    in the front
    in the back
    in the middle
    none of the above

6. I am taking very small steps with my feet at a fairly brisk pace. What am I doing?
    a bouree
    an arabesque
    a saute
    a degage

7. You've made it this far...I do a jump/turn. One leg comes up, and the other leg crosses it in the air. I land in fifth position. What did I do?
    a echappe
    a changement
    a tour d'avant
    a saute

8. I did a glissade. What on Earth does that mean?
    an allegro step in which I lift and shift the position of my feet
    an allegro step in which I do a half-jump and shift my weight
    an adagio step in which I turn with one foot in ritere
    an adagio step in which I turn, using three steps

9. Which of these words is synonymous with sutenu?

10. Last question...your instructor tells you to do a pirouette. Which of these describes your movement?
    leaping but not traveling
    turning and traveling
    turning but not traveling
    leaping and traveling

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Compiled Jun 28 12