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When Good Lakes Go Bad

Created by Flynn_17

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When Good Lakes Go Bad game quiz
"Crater lakes are an extremely rare phenomenon. This is a quiz about them, which is aptly named, as many crater lakes have caused a lot of death and heartache over the years."

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1. First of all, we're going to try and define a 'crater lake'. Which of these descriptions most accurately describes a crater lake?
    Water formed by the volcano heating and cooling, caught by the vegetation either side of the caldera and collected.
    The caldera of a volcano filled with rainwater caught by a thin veil of solid magma atop the main vent.
    A cap of meteoric water covering the main vent of a volcano, found in only 12% of all Holocene-aged volcanoes.
    A lake found in the crater of an extinct or dormant volcano, similar to a cwm or corrie.

2. One of the biggest disasters regarding a crater lake was the incident at Lake Nyos, in Cameroon (Cameroun). In 1986, there was a massive release of gas which killed around 2,000 in the nearby settlement of Nyos. What gas was released to cause such a massive death toll?
    Carbon Dioxide
    Carbon Monoxide

3. One of the most photographed crater lake series in the world is 'Tiwo Nua Muri Koohi Fah', which is located atop the Keli Mutu volcano, in Flores, Indonesia. But what does the name of this series of crater lakes actually mean?
    The lake of young men and maidens
    The lake of good and evil
    The lake of the living and the dead
    The lake of pure air and foul

4. Lake Taal is situated in the caldera of the Taal volcano in the Philippines. It almost fills the 18-mile diameter of the caldera, but there is something more unusual about Lake Taal. What is it?
    Lake Taal erupts every few years, so the lake has to refill.
    Lake Taal has people living around its banks.
    Lake Taal is the highest crater lake (in altitude) in the world.
    Lake Taal contains a small island, which itself has a crater lake.

5. 'Laguna Calientes', as it is known by the locals, is one of only two crater lakes in Costa Rica, and they both sit atop the same volcano. What is the name of this volcano?

6. Ruapehu, or 'weeping waters', was the site of a major disaster, when a lahar from the volcano swept a train off its tracks, killing around 170 people. What country is Ruapehu in?
    New Zealand

7. Crater lakes have certain features, which mean they can be classified. Which of the following descriptions is not a legitimate classification for a crater lake?
    Hot-acid hyperbrine

8. A lake, which goes by the name of 'Crater Lake', and is located atop Mount Mazama, is one of the few crater lakes in the USA, and due to its neutral-dilute status, is one of the world's largest fresh water sources. But where is this crater lake?
    South Carolina

9. Most of the world's crater lakes are found in Indonesia, which makes sense, as Indonesia also has more volcanoes than any other country in the world. Which of these crater lakes (or crater lake series) is not found in Indonesia?
    Yugama Lake
    Keli Mutu series
    Kawah Putih
    Batur Lake

10. There are many, many volcanoes in the Caribbean that are named 'Soufriere'. Only one of the 'Soufriere' volcanoes has a crater lake, though. Which one?
    Soufriere, St. Kitts
    Soufriere, Guadeloupe
    Soufriere, St. Vincent
    Soufriere, Montserrat

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