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Name the 80s Album

Created by deflprd

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Name the 80s Album game quiz
"I'll give you the artist and release date, you name the album."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Released in June of 1984, Prince went all the way to number one with this album.
    Answer: (Two Words)

2. U2 released this album in March of 1987, and it made superstars out of this already popular Dublin band.
    Answer: (Three Words)

3. Paul Simon came close to being black listed for violating the United Nations cultural boycott of South Africa while making this album that climbed all the way to number three in 1986.
    Answer: (One Word)

4. This album was released in June of 1984 and produced seven top ten singles for 'the boss'.
    Human Touch
    Born to Run
    Born in the USA
    Tunnel of Love

5. Released in December of 1982, this album became the biggest selling record in history with over forty million copies sold and won Michael Jackson seven Grammy awards.
    Answer: (One Word)

6. Released in May of 1986, this album rocketed Peter Gabriel to number two on the charts and spawned a breathtaking claymation video.
    Answer: (One Word)

7. Released in June of 1983, this was the last Police album and went all the way to number one.
    Answer: (One Word)

8. This AC/DC album was released in July of 1980 and climbed to number four in the States and to number one on the British charts.
    Answer: (Three Words)

9. This Number one was released in November of 1980 and became John Lennon's farewell album after being gunned down on December 8, 1980.
    Answer: (Two Words)

10. Released in May of 1984, this album rocketed Tina Turner back into the spotlight and to number 3 on the charts.
    Answer: (Two Words)

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