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Doing Amsterdam in One Day

Created by Leau

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Doing Amsterdam in One Day game quiz
"Do you have a long lay-over at Amsterdam Airport? Or just a day to spare in the neighbourhood? Let's do Amsterdam in one day, this way please!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Less than an hour after your plane landed on Schiphol Airport you're standing at Amsterdam Central Station, ready to explore the city. The airline breakfast was horrible, so your first stop is a restaurant on platform 2b called '1e Klas' (1st class). What's so special about this restaurant?
    It's located in the former first class waiting room.
    Only first class passengers are allowed in.
    You get a 10% discount when you can show a first class train ticket.
    The interior resembles a first class train compartment.

2. You put your bag in one of the lockers at the station and decide that it's time for the first museum of the day. You buy a map at the tourist information across the street and check to see what museums Amsterdam has to offer. Which of the following museums will NOT be on your map, because it doesn't exist in Amsterdam?
    Torture museum
    House boat museum
    Wooden shoe museum
    Sex museum

3. No matter how fascinating they probably are, you skip the smaller museums and head for one of Amsterdam's biggies. You take the tram to the Museumplein (Museum Square) to visit the Van Gogh Museum and admire his 'Sunflowers' and 'The Potato Eaters'. Like its name suggests the Van Gogh Museum focuses entirely on Vincent van Gogh and doesn't exhibit any art created by other artists.

4. While you're there you might as well visit one of the other museums at the Museumplein. Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' is a must-see, so the Rijksmuseum is your next destination. Too bad you weren't here on December 11, 2003 or you could have witnessed the 'Night Watch' on its first outdoor trip since the Second World War, warranted by major renovations to the museum. What was done to make sure that Rembrandt's masterpiece would survive the transport to a different museum wing?
    All of these things were done.
    A computer simulation was made of the Rijksmuseum to calculate the best route for the move.
    A full-size copy of the 'Night Watch' was created to undergo a trial move.
    A box with climate control was built to transport the 'Night Watch'.

5. Your feet are getting tired and you want to sit down for a bit, so you cross the Museumplein and head for the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam's well-known concert hall. Every Wednesday at 12.30 there's a so-called lunch concert, and you're just in time to get a good seat. What's so good about the lunch concerts?
    If you bring your own instrument you can play along.
    Lunch is included.
    They're free.
    You get a CD with a recording of the concert when you leave.

6. You're only in Amsterdam for the day, but you intend to come back soon for a longer stay. And on your way to your next stop you've just stumbled upon the perfect place to spend the night. It's a hostel, but it looks like a Swiss chalet and it's located in the middle of a huge park! The park is Amsterdam's - and probably even the Netherlands' - most famous park and it was named after a Dutch writer from the 17th century. What's the name of this park?

7. To get to the Anne Frank House you choose a less conventional means of transportation. You've discovered that you can rent a pedal boat at one place and return it somewhere else, so a pedal boat it is. You can't figure out how much it costs because the price list's in Dutch, if only you knew the Dutch word for 'pedal boat'! A helpful passerby tells you that it's called a 'waterfiets' in Dutch. Is he right?

8. There's a long line outside of the Anne Frank House, but you join it nevertheless, determined to see for yourself where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary. After a few minutes you get bored waiting in silence, so you start talking to your neighbour. He asks you if you've seen the 'Homomonument' around the corner, but you have to admit you didn't notice it. What does the Gay Monument look like?
    Three pink triangles
    Two yellow squares
    Four blue circles
    Five green stars

9. The Anne Frank House was very impressive and you decide to head back to the Central Station. The route you take doesn't disappoint you, as it includes yet another one of Amsterdam's sights, the Royal Palace on the Dam Square. It doesn't look much like a palace and just as you start to wonder if you're looking at the right building you spot a sign with an explanation. What accounts for the Royal Palace's lack of royal looks?
    It was built during an economic crisis.
    The architect of the palace hated the king.
    It was never used as a palace.
    It was originally designed as a city hall.

10. You have a little time left before your train leaves and you're in the mood for a nice hot cup of coffee, so you enter a place called 'Funny People'. The word 'coffeeshop' is painted on the window, but you start wondering if you've come to the right place for a cup of coffee. The customers seem to be funny people indeed and no-one seems to be drinking coffee at all. In fact, most of them are smoking. And what's that funny smell, could it be the smoke? What smokable product is sold in Dutch coffeeshops?
    Answer: (8 letters, starts with a 'c' (and it isn't 'coffee'))

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