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Dog Health

Created by crisw

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Dog Health
Dog Health game quiz
"Dogs are our best friends...this quiz is about what we can do to be a dog's best friend!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of the following is poisonous to dogs?

2. You are contemplating purchasing a golden retriever puppy. In the USA, which of the following certifications should the parents have had before breeding?
    OFA for hips
    Both OFA and CERF
    No health testing is needed, especially for just a pet dog.
    CERF for eyes

3. Which of the following places should be your last choice, as a place to ethically purchase a puppy?
    A pet store
    An animal shelter
    A breeder
    A breed rescue group

4. Why shouldn't you leave your dog in a car at the shopping center?
    All of these reasons
    It could panic and damage the car
    It could get heatstroke
    It could be stolen

5. What is the biggest cause of death of dogs in the United States?
    Behavior problems
    Car accidents

6. You have a beautiful female Collie with no pedigree. She has no health testing, has never competed in any performance events, and her conformation has never been evaluated, but she is pretty and nice and everyone says that they want one of her puppies. The guy down the street with an unregistered collie is happy to breed his male to your girl. You should ____ .
    breed her on the 15th day of her heat
    breed her on the 5th day of her heat
    breed her on the 20th day of her heat
    spay her

7. Spaying and neutering have important health and behavioral benefits for ______ .
    no dogs
    female dogs only
    male and female dogs
    male dogs only

8. Your large-breed dog is pacing and panting. He is drooling and trying to vomit, but nothing is coming up. You notice that his abdomen is beginning to swell. He may have ______ .

9. Most dogs will exercise themselves if they have a large enough yard.

10. Most dogs in the United States are overweight.

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Compiled Jul 07 13