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Foreigner Lyrics

Created by Polaris101

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Foreigner Lyrics game quiz
"Guess which Foreigner song these lyrics are from. Chart positions mentioned are based on U.S. pop charts."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which song are these lyrics from?

"I have waited a lifetime
spent my time so foolishly
but now that I've found you
together we'll make history"
    Stranger In My Own House
    Break It Up
    Feels Like the First Time
    Cold As Ice

2. "I wait around for you after school
you slip away and I don't see you
don't know what I'm gonna do
if you can't see how much I need you
we met, one day, and then, you ran away
I've searched the whole town looking for you
I know you're there somewhere"

Which song are these lyrics from?
    Hot Blooded
    That Was Yesterday
    Woman In Black

3. "I've been in trouble since I don't know when
I'm in trouble now and I know somehow I'll find trouble again
I'm a loner, but I'm never alone
every night I get one step closer to the danger zone"

Which Foreigner song are these lyrics from?
    Blue Morning, Blue Day
    I'm Gonna Win
    Dirty White Boy
    Rev On The Red Line

4. What song are these lyrics from?

"I'm gonna take a little time
a little time to look around me
I've got nowhere left to hide
it looks like love has finally found me"
    I Want to Know What Love Is
    Night Life
    I Don't Want To Live Without You

5. What song are these lyrics from?

"In a town without a name, in a heavy downpour
thought he passed his own shadow, by the backstage door
like a trip through the past, to that day in the rain
and that one guitar made his whole life change"
    Hot Blooded
    Love On The Telephone
    Feels Like The First Time
    Jukebox Hero

6. "Never do more than I really need
my mind is racing, but my body's in the lead
tonight's the night, I'm gonna push it to the limit
I live all of my years in a single minute"

What song are these lyrics from?
    That Was Yesterday
    Head Games
    Double Vision

7. "It was a Monday
a day like any other day
I left a small town
for the apple in decay
it was my destiny
it's what we needed to do
they were telling me
I'm telling you"

What song are these lyrics from?
    Dirty White Boy
    Long, Long Way From Home
    Double Vision
    Cold As Ice

8. Which song are these lyrics from?

"Out in the street it's 6 am, another sleepless night
three cups of coffee, but I can't clear my head
from what went down last night"
    Head Games
    Blue Morning, Blue Day
    Reaction To Action
    Down On Love

9. "You play tricks on my mind
you're everywhere but you're so hard to find
you're not warm or sentimental
you're so extreme, you can be so temperamental"
    Long, Long Way From Home
    Say You Will
    Juke Box Hero

10. "No time ever seems right
to talk about the reasons why you and I fight
it's high time to draw the line
put an end to this game before it's too late"
    Hot Blooded
    Waiting For A Girl Like You
    Head Games
    Double Vision

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