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Hi I'm "The New Guy"

Created by James76255

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Hi Im The New Guy game quiz
"Here is a quick ten question quiz about the surprisingly entertaining 2002 movie starring DJ Qualls and Eliza Dushku."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is the first actor we see onscreen at the beginning of the movie?
    Matthew Lee Pelosi
    DJ Qualls
    Eddie Griffin
    Lyle Lovett

2. What was the first thing Dizzy did to try and get expelled from school?
    Put sugar in the principal's gas tank
    Cheat on a test and bribe a teacher
    Video the principal in the bathroom
    Grab a teacher's rear end and punch another student

3. When Courtney (Sunny Mabrey) invites Dizzy to her party, what does he say?
    Maybe I'll be there. Maybe I won't.
    I don't make plans. It's not my style.
    If you're there, I'm there.
    I have other plans, but I'll try to stop by.

4. According to one of the players, how long had it been since Highland High's football team won a game?
    8 years
    6 years
    3 years
    5 years

5. In what is probably the most rewound, paused, and replayed scene of the movie, Danielle (Eliza Dushku) tries on a series of swimsuits, much to the delight of Dizzy. What would best describe the first swimsuit she tries on?
    Green with a blue sarong
    Leopard print
    Black with a silver flower pattern

6. When Dizzy's friends from his old school show up to help tutor some of his new friends, Kirk (Jerod Mixon) and Glen (Parry Shen) give fake names when introduced to Courtney. What names did they give?
    Rock and Sting
    Dirk and Perry
    Apache and Hawk
    Denzel and Brad

7. What was the name of Dizzy's band, that played at Highland High's homecoming?
    Orange Clock Fantasy
    Dazed and Confused
    Suburban Funk
    The Blips

8. What song does Dizzy's band play at the homecoming?
    Mr. Big Stuff
    Whip It
    Play That Funky Music White Boy
    Let it Whip

9. Not including the bloopers that play with the credits, who is the last actor we see at the end of the movie?
    Tommy Lee
    Vanilla Ice
    David Hasselhoff
    Tony Hawk

10. What state was the setting for "The New Guy"?
    New Jersey

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Compiled Jun 28 12