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David Brin's "Startide Rising"

Created by ilyahna

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David Brins Startide Rising game quiz
""Startide Rising" is the second book in the dramatic "Uplift" Saga. It makes three hundred pages seem like ten."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What do the Earthlings find that piques the interest of numerous Galactic races and begins an interstellar war?
    a derelict fleet of spaceships the size of moons
    a new species that can warp reality to create wormholes
    a planet thought to be uninhabited, which in fact is not
    an uncharted system with a high mineral yield

2. Which of these "Streaker" crew members is not a neo-dolphin?

3. Who or what is "Keneenk?"
    an uplifted race subservient to the Soro
    a school of discipline, combining logic with the Whale Dream
    a specific type of probability drive
    a language which developed between humans and dolphins

4. What is the Galactic races' biggest problem with mankind?
    they ally themselves with the much hated Tymbrimi
    they are destructive and vindictive
    they have no patron race to speak of
    they uplifed mere aquatic mammals to the status of client race

5. Which of these elements does the planet Kithrup possess in more abundance than Earth?

6. What is the big secret surrounding the massive fin K'tha-jon?
    he had been bought by Soro spies
    his "stenos" genes are spliced with orca genetic material
    he is responsible for an attempt on the life of the captain
    his genetic material more closely resembles a human's

7. What is the special ability of both the "Epsiarch" and the "Acceptor?"
    they are adaptable to both air and water
    they are able to create alternate realities with the sheer force of denial
    they can exist in a vacuum without a suit
    they are able to accurately predict the future

8. Which of these characters was not a member of "Streaker's" crew to be left behind on Kithrup?
    Jill Baskin
    Tom Orley

9. From which alien species did the Streaker crew appropriate a ship to use as a shell during their escape from Kithrup?

10. What did Toshio decide to name the presapient amphibians that the crew found on Kithrup?

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