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Who Shot Liberty Valance?

Created by tin-lizzie

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Who Shot Liberty Valance game quiz
"Since its release in 1962, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" has topped my list of favorites. Even the song failed to reveal the real answer. If you have seen it, hopefully you will enjoy this quiz."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. John Wayne played which character?
    Ransom Stoddard
    Dutton Peabody
    Liberty Valance
    Tom Doniphon

2. Who played the character of Ransom Stoddard?
    Lee Marvin
    John Wayne
    James Stewart
    Andy Devine

3. Where did Liberty Valance live?
    in town
    out in the desert
    south of the picket wire
    north of the picket wire

4. Besides a gun, what item did Liberty carry to enforce his "authority"?
    a cane
    a whip
    a sword
    a riata

5. What was the name of Tom Doniphon's "man", who was always there when Tom needed him?

6. What kind of flower was shown three times in the movie - at the beginning when Link digs one up at Tom's old house, once when Tom gave one to Hallie, and again at the end?
    cactus rose
    desert lily
    Spanish needles

7. What character did Andy Devine play in the movie?
    Link Appleyard
    Peter Ericson
    Liberty Valance
    Doc Willoughby

8. What was the reason that Ranse and Hallie Stoddard returned to Shinbone, (this was shown at the beginning and end of the movie)?
    Tom Doniphon's funeral
    nomination of Link Appleyard for governor
    Ranse's re-election
    to celebrate the anniversary of statehood

9. At the end, after hearing the account of the shooting of Liberty Valance, the editor tears up his notes, saying, " This is the west, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the ________".

10. So, that brings us to the burning question, who really shot Liberty Valance?
    Ransom Stoddard
    Dutton Peabody
    Link Appleyard
    Tom Doniphon

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Compiled Jun 28 12