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"ST: DS9" - "In the Cards"

Created by bookworm78

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ST DS9  In the Cards game quiz
"Season 5, second to last episode, the war with the Dominion is about to start and everyone on the station is feeling down. So how to cheer up Captain Sisko? Bring on Jake and Nog! Not all questions are from this show."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What item did Jake decide to buy at the auction to cheer up his father?
    Willie Mays baseball card
    vintage copy of "Amazing Tales"
    signed Buck Bokai baseball

2. Quark told bidders that proceeds from the auction (minus a modest fee) would go to what organization?
    Bajoran Relocation Fund
    Bajoran Orphans Fund
    Dahkur Province Ecological Disaster Relief Fund
    Jerry's Kids

3. How many bars of latinum did Nog have?

4. What was the final price for Lot #48?
    10 bars
    3 bars 10 strips
    5 bars
    15 bars 15 strips

5. Who purchased the painting of a matador done on black velvet?

6. Who came to the station to meet with representatives of the Dominion?
    Admiral Ross
    Kai Winn
    Vedek Bareil

7. The actor who played Dr. Giger is Brian Markinson. Which sci-fi television show has he not appeared on as a guest star?
    Stargate SG-1
    The X-Files
    Dark Angel

8. What was Dr. Giger building while on Deep Space Nine?
    mitochondrial entertainment and training facility
    mitochondrial regeneration and entertainment center
    cellular entertainment and training facility
    cellular regeneration and entertainment center

9. Who was after Dr. Giger because of his work?
    The Brotherhood Opposed to Immortality
    The Serene Transparency Aurelious
    The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy
    The United Federation of Planets

10. In order to get supplies needed, Jake and Nog helped out various crew members. What task did they perform for Chief O'Brien?
    recalibrate inertial dampeners
    recalibrate EPS regulators
    inventory cargo bay four
    repair the airlock on upper pylon two

11. What did Bashir ask for to make him happy?

12. What task did Nog perform for Worf?
    filter out subharmonic distortions in his operas
    sharpen all of his Bat'leths
    scrub the decks of the Defiant
    make him fresh prune juice

13. Kira was giving a speech and felt it needed a little humor, so asked Jake to help. To whom was she giving the speech?
    Water Reclamators
    Bajoran Farmers Union
    Vedek Assembly
    Agricultural Delegation

14. The funniest line from the episode is Nog's "Lions, Gigers, bears" and Jake's response, "Oh my." Jake used a saying that included the word lion just before Nog's response. What words are missing from this saying? "We are going to ____ the lion in its ____."
    Answer: (Two Words)

15. Which character did not appear in this episode at all?

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