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BYU Cougars Football

Created by sprts1232

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BYU Cougars Football game quiz
"This is a quiz about my favorite college football team, the BYU Cougars."

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1. In what year did the BYU Cougars go undefeated and win their first National Championship?

2. Who was the first Heisman Trophy winner to attend BYU?
    Jim McMahon
    Steve Young
    Ty Detmer
    Robbie Bosco

3. What legendary coach, coached BYU for 29 seasons before retiring at the end of the 2000 season?
    LaVell Edwards
    Robert Anae
    Lance Reynolds
    Brian Mitchell

4. Who was BYU's starting quarterback in 2001, when BYU went 12-2?
    John Beck
    Brandon Doman
    Kevin Feterik
    Matt Berry

5. BYU went to the Las Vegas Bowl in 2001.

6. Who replaced Gary Crowton at the end of the 2004 season, after Crowton resigned as head coach?
    Brandon Doman
    Lance Reynolds
    Bronco Mendenhall
    Robert Anae

7. How many bowl games did the Cougars go to under head coach LaVell Edwards?

8. Who was BYUs head football coach directly before LaVell Edwards?
    Tom Hudspeth
    Tally Stevens
    Hal Mitchel
    Jon Robinson

9. Which BYU kicker set a record in 2001 for most PATs made in a season?
    Jason Chaffetz
    Owen Pochman
    Matt Payne
    Kurt Gunther

10. Who set a BYU record for most touchdown passes in a game for throwing seven?
    Steve Young
    Marc Wilson
    Ty Detmer
    Robbie Bosco

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Compiled Jun 28 12