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Father of The Bride

Created by turtle_1015

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Father of the Bride (1991) .
Father of The Bride game quiz
"If you liked the movie 'Father of The Bride' starring Steve Martin, test your knowledge to see just how good you really are! Some questions are basic, while others require some thought."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Where did Brian and Annie meet and fall in love?
    Beverly Hills

2. What is Annie studying to be?
    an Architect
    a Lawyer
    a Doctor
    a Teacher

3. Where does Annie tell her family that she is getting married?
    At her Grandparents house
    In the pool
    At the dinner table
    On the couch

4. On the night Annie's parents meet Brian for the first time,they decide to go out for a while. What does Annie's father George tell them to fasten instead of their seatbelts?
    Your mouths
    Your Feet
    Your Clothes
    Your Condom

5. What is the name of Franc's, the wedding coordinator, assistant?
    Howard Weinstein
    Howard Harvey
    Harvey Weinstein
    Harvey Steinberg

6. What date did Annie and Brian choose for their wedding?
    September 10
    January 16
    January 6
    April 6

7. How much did the cake cost that Annie wanted?

8. What did Brian give Annie for their 8 month anniversary that upset her?
    A Toaster
    A Can Opener
    A Microwave
    A Blender

9. What special addition does Annie and her mom decide to add to the reception to make it look special?

10. What very rare thing happened the night before Annie's wedding that she said she would never forget?
    Lunar eclipse
    It snowed
    Meteor shower

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Compiled Jun 28 12