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A Territorial Quiz

Created by biohazard930

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A Territorial Quiz game quiz
"This quiz is extremely territorial! Be careful not to get in its way! can answer its questions correctly. Give it a try! It won't bite...too hard. ;)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This Caribbean island was first discovered by Christopher Columbus on his fourth and final voyage in 1502. The French colonized the island in 1632, but the British took interest in the territory several times. Both the Treaties of Amiens and the Vienna Treaty ceded the territory back to France from England on two different occasions. Which island's territorial struggle did I just briefly describe?
    St. Croix

2. This British territory was combined with St. Kitts and Nevis in the early 19th century. The inhabitants of this island were very upset and tried to separate many times. Finally, in 1971, when the British military intervened in a revolt, the island was allowed separation from St. Kitts and Nevis. Which territory am I speaking of?
    British Virgin Islands
    St. Martin

3. A member of the "ABC islands," this island territory seceded from the Netherland Antilles to become a separate dependency of the Netherlands in 1986. Attempts for full independence were stopped in 1990, however.

4. France gave up its claims in Canada for official possession of this territory with the Treaty of Paris of 1763. The territory was taken over by the British during the chaos of the French Revolution. Under the command of Victor Hughes, however, the French recovered the island. What is the name of this territory, which Columbus named after a Spanish monastery?

5. This island group was originally colonized by Denmark in 1648. However, the British annexed some of the islands in 1672. The other islands were bought by the United States during World War I. Can you name this island group?
    Answer: (Two Words)

6. We've spent enough time in the Caribbean. Why don't we sail to the Pacific for a while?

The islands of Wallis and Futuna requested a territorial status in 1842. Their call was answered, and the islands were annexed and placed under the dominion of New Caledonia. Which country took the islands of Wallis and Futuna under its wing?
    Answer: (Country)

7. New Zealand took control of this island in 1901. It is noted for being one of the world's largest coral islands and has large limestone cliffs on its coasts. Can you name this plateau island?
    Norfolk Island

8. This "festive" territory in the Indian Ocean, whose capital is plainly The Settlement, was occupied by Japan during World War II. The island was reclaimed by Australia in 1957. What is it?
    New Year's Island
    Halloween Island
    Christmas Island
    Thanksgiving Island

9. This famous territory of the United States served as an important turning point of the Pacific Theatre in World War II. It is aptly named for its location between Hawaii and Japan. Can you name it?
    Answer: (One Word)

10. This territory was discovered in 1774 by Captain James Cook. He named his find after the Scottish highlands. France settled the islands in 1853 and used the territory as a penal colony until 1904. Starting in 1985, some inhabitants have pushed for an independent state named "Kanaky." Can you name this territory?
    Wallis & Futuna
    New Caledonia
    Norfolk Island

11. Now let's just cruise around the world for the last part of the quiz!

We first arrive in the Atlantic. Which territory, whose name means "Sheep Islands," lies in the North Atlantic Ocean and was claimed by Denmark?

12. Which British Overseas territory includes such dependencies as Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha? It is located in the South Atlantic Ocean halfway between Brazil and the continent of Africa.
    South Shetland Islands
    St. Helena

13. This territory was discovered by either the Russians or the Vikings in the 12th century. It was used as a base for whaling in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, this territory boasts one of the northernmost inhabited points in the world. What is the territory whose name means "cold edge"?
    Franz Josef Land
    Faroe Islands

14. This territory, a volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean, was claimed by France in 1642 and was given status as an overseas department in 1946. Can you name this island territory, whose capital is Saint-Denis?

15. This group of islands lies off the African coast and is a dependency of Spain. It contains the third largest volcano on Earth, Mt. Teide; it is also the highest mountain in Spain. What is the collective name for these islands?
    Cape Verde
    Canary Islands

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