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Fashion Model Mania

Created by jayknoble

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Fashion Model Mania game quiz
"New Fashion Models are discovered everyday. The girls in this quiz are the ones that will be remembered! They are known as the 'supers'!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the world of high fashion modelling, which teen model took over Kate Moss as the face of Calvin Klein's 'Obsession' Fragrance in 2005?
    Tiiu Kuik
    Hana Soukupova
    Daria Werbowy
    Gemma Ward

2. Which two blonde beauties were both face of Christian Dior's 'J'adore' fragrance, before Charlize Theron was offered the role in 2003?
    Claudia Schiffer, Heather Marks
    Claudia Schiffer, Erin Wasson
    Carmen Kass, Tiiu Kuik
    Carmen Kass, Caroline Winberg

3. Which of these lovely ladies won the 2002 VH1 Fashion Award for Model of the Year? Clue: think 'Arian' beauty.
    Liya Kebede
    Maggie Rizer
    Karolina Kurkova
    Tyra Banks

4. Which of these ladies were chosen to be the three spokesmodels for cosmetic giant Estee Lauder in 2003?
    Liya Kebede, Carolyn Murphy, Elizabeth Hurley
    Natalia Vodianova, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carolyn Murphy
    Erin Wasson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell
    Scarlett Johansson, Karen Elson, Elizabeth Hurley

5. Which of these groups of models are all Australian?
    Elle Macpherson, Alyssa Sutherland, Kate Elson, Heidi Klum
    Elle Macpherson, Nicole Trunfio, Elyse Taylor, Cindy Crawford
    Elle Macpherson, Gemma Ward, Erin Wasson, Jacquetta Wheeler
    Elle Macpherson, Gemma Ward, Nicole Trunfio, Elyse Taylor

6. Which of these Brunettes was discovered as a young teen for her very unusual, baby-faced look? "Interview" magazine was one of her first cover shoots which she shared with Kate Moss (in mid 1990s). Clue: Karl Largerfeld once pronounced her "the great beauty of the next century."
    Devon Aoki
    Caroline Ribeiro
    Christy Turlington
    Trish Goff

7. Which of these Brazilian supermodels, famously 'discoved' eating Macdonalds with friends in Brazil, was once labelled the sexiest woman in the world? Hint: she has been linked to a very famous actor, and accompanied him to the Oscars in 2005.
    Cintia Dicker
    Isabeli Fontana
    Adriana Lima
    Gisele Bundchen

8. Which of these Girls was 'discovered' working at her family's fruit stall in Russia? Her consecutive career as a supermodel became known as a cinderella story. Hint: Think 'Loreal'.
    Natalia Vodianova
    Claudia Schiffer
    Rie Rasmussen
    Heather Marks

9. Who am I? I was born in Springdale, USA in 1977. I have been the face of 'Escada Magnetism' and 'L'Instant de Guerlain' fragrances, but I am best known for my 'Ralph Lauren' campaigns.
    Filippa Hamilton
    Raquel Zimmermann
    Bridget Hall
    Gail Elliott

10. Which of these supermodels was NOT involved is the 2004 'Prada' campaign? Clue: This campaign involved a series of photos of doll-like models posed on whicker chairs.
    Jessica Stam
    Jessica Miller
    Hannelore Knuts
    Missy Raider

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Compiled Jun 28 12