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Sixtyseventyfun IV

Created by rincad

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Sixtyseventyfun IV game quiz
"Again, thanx to everyone who wrote all the positive stuff. Also, there were some minor corrections to be made. Thanks to all those who drew my attention to those little glitches. So, here we go with number IV (It gets harder...)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. An easy one to start with... "Open up the window, let some air into this room..." was a line in which song by which band?
    "Mama Told Me Not To Come" by Three Dog Night
    "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones
    "Fixing a Hole" by The Beatles
    "Jeepster" by T. Rex

2. Who wrote and sang the theme for the film "Soldier Blue" and what was the song's title?
    Carole King and "Not Born To Follow"
    Joan Baez and "Joe Hill"
    Buffy Saint Marie and "Soldier Blue"
    Julie Felix and "I Can't Reach The Sky For You"

3. What is so special about Brian May's (Queen) guitar?
    It was a present from John Lennon
    He made it himself
    It is the guitar he was given on his 8th birthday
    It is made entirely of mahogany

4. On tour in Britain, which then already famous singer/guitarist was taken off the top of the bill and replaced by The Beatles, who were contracted as a support band for this man?
    Chuck Berry
    Gene Vincent
    Roy Orbison
    Little Richard

5. Which was George Harrison's "most expensive song"?
    "Don't Bother Me"
    "If I Needed Someone"
    "My Sweet Lord"

6. While we're on the subject: Which band did Ray Davies of The Kinks file a lawsuit against for plagiarism and what was the song in question?
    The Small Faces and "Afterglow"
    The Doors and "Hello, I Love You"
    The Who and "Happy Jack"
    The Tremeloes and "Hello Buddy"

7. Whose record was banned in the UK in 1966 (meaning the BBC would not play it), but despite this (or because of it) still made it to No. 4 in the British Charts?
    Napoleon XIV
    Casey Jones and the Governors
    Screaming Lord Sutch
    Tiny Tim

8. With which band did the rise of Roger Chapman begin?
    Sex Pistols
    Deep Purple

9. What name was Eric Clapton born with?

10. Who discovered Rod Stewart?
    Dick Rowe
    Andrew Loog Oldham
    Long John Baldry
    Chris Farlowe

11. Which No. 1 hit was recorded during a practice session in the studio without the band knowing and which band was it?
    "Ride A White Swan" by T.Rex
    "All Day And All Of The Night" by The Kinks
    "Riders On The Storm" by The Doors
    "Baby Come Back" by The Equals

12. Probably one of the most famous one-hit wonders is Scott McKenzie. Not much happened after "San Francisco" had been milked for all it was worth (and that was a lot), so he had to look elswhere. Which famous band did he join almost unnoticed?
    Herman's Hermits
    Peter, Paul And Mary
    The Mamas And The Papas
    The New Seekers

13. A bit more of the lyrics: "Well, the path was deep and wide, from footsteps leading to our cabin...". What is the title of this song and who sang it?
    "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" by Bob Dylan
    "The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp" by O.C. Smith
    "Working In a Coal Mine" by Lee Dorsey
    "Give My Love To Rose" by Johnny Cash

14. This singer started out with a band and progressed solo to near- legend status. "Here Comes The Night" was one of the big hits this band had. Who was the singer and what is the name of the band?
    Marc Bolan and T.Rex
    Phil Collins and Genesis
    Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music
    Van Morrison and Them

15. How much was paid by Jonathan King to the singer for the recording and subsequent sales of "Johnny Reggae"?
    20,000.00 US dollars
    25 pounds sterling
    20,000.00 pounds sterling
    500.00 pounds sterling

16. With whom did David Bowie team up to record "Little Drummer Boy"?
    Steve Marriott
    Mick Jagger
    Bing Crosby
    Phil Collins

17. There was a TV documentary about this band, before they even had a recording deal. It followed them through trials and tribulations on the club circuit. Eventually, they came out with "Little Does She Know", which was a hit. After that, oblivion and possibly back to the club circuit. Name the band.
    Kursaal Flyers
    Red Cowboys
    Blue Cheer

18. Vera Lynn brought us a nice rendition of "The White Cliffs of Dover". Ironically, a couple of Americans remade it and actually charted with it. Who were they?
    Sam and Dave
    The Righteous Brothers
    Jan and Dean
    Simon and Garfunkel

19. Who was Henry John Deutschendorf?
    Joe Cocker
    John Denver
    Jimmy Durante
    James Dean

20. What animal sound can be heard on the recording of "The Universal" by The Small Faces?
    Barking of a dog
    Screeching of a swan
    Mewing of a cat
    Whinnying of a horse

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