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The Anzacs

Created by Artemis--Fowl

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The Anzacs game quiz
"The Anzacs were little known heroes of World War One and World War Two. The Anzacs consisted of Australian and New Zealand forces and fought in all theatres."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How many Anzacs were in the Allied fighting force in World War One?
    103, 000
    150, 000
    90, 000
    112, 000

2. In which Western Front battle did the Anzacs fight in the second half of WWI?
    The Somme
    Battle of Britain
    The Marne

3. What were the Anzac casualties in WWI?
    20 000 dead, 50 000 wounded
    18 000 dead, 40 000 wounded
    30 000 dead, 40 000 wounded
    100 000 dead, 150 000 wounded

4. According to the New Zealand Prime Minister, what was the greatest success for the Anzacs in the war?
    Not being forced to surrender
    Saving the Mother Country, Great Britain
    A new sense of nationhood
    Killing more Germans than the Americans

5. On which day do Australia and New Zealand celebrate Anzac day?
    April 25th
    September 5th
    March 19th
    August 12th

6. In World War Two, who was commander in chief of Anzac forces in the Mediterrean and African theatre of war?
    General Bernard Montgomery
    General Bernard Cyril Freyberg
    General Dwight Eisenhower
    General Douglas MacArthur

7. In terms of the percentage of the population committed as soldiers to the Allies in World War Two, where did Australia and New Zealand rank?

8. Which of these was *not* a theatre that the Anzac ground forces fought in in World War Two?
    The Pacific
    North Africa

9. What were the Anzac casualties in World War Two?
    15 000 dead, 17 000 wounded
    12 000 dead, 17 000 wounded
    10 000 dead, 19 000 wounded
    18 000 dead, 23 000 wounded

10. Which author wrote a book about the Anzacs in 1978, popularising an Anzac legend?
    James Brooke
    Madeleine Dean-Jones
    Phillip Pullman
    Patsy Adam-Smith

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