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The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

Created by skunkee

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The Phantom of the Opera 2004 game quiz
"Joel Scumacher's rendering of Andrew Lloyd Webber's fabulous play does not disappoint."

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1. What are Christine and Meg doing the first time that we see them in the movie?
    brushing their hair and applying make-up for the rehearsal
    lighting a candle for her father
    running down a spiral staircase and chalking the toes of their ballet shoes
    singing 'Angel of Music'

2. Raoul makes his first appearance as a frail and fragile man, attending the auction being held at the old opera house. What is he doing when we first see him in the main part of the movie, when he was still a young man?
    walking past Christine, who has just told Meg that they were childhood sweethearts
    watching Christine perform
    driving his carriage through the streets of Paris
    visiting Christine in her dressing room

3. Miffed by the lack of attention, Carlotta announces that she will not be singing that night, and starts to flounce off the stage. Andre turns to the departing Lefevre and asks, 'What do we do?'
What is Lefevre's response?
    'Show the ballet.'
    'Refund the tickets.'
    'Don't worry, she always does this.'

4. No one sees the Phantom lock Christine into her dressing room.


5. The Phantom finally reveals himself to Christine, and leads her down to his lair in the depths of the opera house, while they sing the wonderful 'Phantom of the Opera'. What is unusual about the lights along the secret passageway behind the mirror?
    Thye are electric, neon lights.
    They are miniature replicas of the chandelier that crashes later in the movie.
    They are golden porpoises, with water shooting out of their mouths.
    They are golden, moving arms holding candelabras.

6. While the Phantom is strangling and hanging Buquet from the catwalks, what is going on on the stage below?
    Swings are being lowered for the ballerinas, some of whom are trying to lead sheep onto the stage.
    Christine and Carlotta are acting out a scene from 'Il Muto'.
    Christine is singing 'Think of Me'.
    The stage is empty, because the performance is over.

7. The staging of the Phantom's opera 'Don Juan Triumphant' has a jarring, discordant feeling about it, that doesn't sit too well with the audience at first. However once the Phantom and Christine begin singing 'The Point of No Return', the atmosphere changes to one that is more mysterious and sensuous. What is interesting about the dancers in this number?
    Only the men dance when the Phantom sings, and the women dance when Christine sings.
    The ballerinas are leading sheep onto the stage.
    Only the women dance when the Phantom sings, and the men dance when Christine sings.
    There are no dancers in this number.

8. Christine's engagement ring changes possession many times throughout the movie. Where do we last see it?
    lying beside the Phantom's mask, after he smashes the mirrors
    on the monkey's hand, on the music box
    on Christine's hand, in the picture of her that's on her headstone
    on the rose with the black ribbon, that is placed on Christine's grave

9. After the Phantom breaks his mirrors, declares that 'it's over now' and leaves, his lair is invaded by the police and people from the opera house. Leading the pack is Meg Giry, who quickly picks up the Phantom's mask. What continuity error is in this scene?
    The mirror that the Phantom smashed is now whole.
    When she first picks it up, it is the mask from 'The Point of No Return', but she is later seen clutching the classic half-mask.
    The mask is for the left side of the face, but the Phantom always wore it on the right side.
    Meg's pants, wet from walking through the water, are dry when she picks up the mask.

10. Aside from the burlap sack that he wore when being shown in the circus as 'The Devil's Child', how many different masks do we see the Phantom wear?

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