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The Government of the UK: House of Lords

Created by uglybird

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The Government of the UK House of Lords game quiz
"After centuries of evolution and reform, the House of Lords remains an important non-elected component of the government of the UK. How well do you understand its history and function?"

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1. The House of Lords came into being as a result of commoners being included in Parliament and the desire for the deliberations of commoners and nobles to be separate. Who first invited the participation of commoners in Parliament?
    George III
    Edward III
    Simon de Montfort
    Thomas Beckett

2. The Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland constitute the House of Lords. Until the reformation, the Lords Spiritual outnumbered the Lords Temporal. As of 2005, out of 731 members of the House of Lords, how many were Lords Spiritual?

3. The membership of the Lords Temporal has recently undergone a radical change. What automatic qualification for membership in The House of Lords as a Lord Temporal did the House of Lords Act 1999 remove? (Note: Parliamentary acts do not place "of" in front of the year).
    Life Peerage
    Hereditary Peerage
    Election by the Commons
    Holding the office of the Lord Great Chamberlain

4. The functions of the House of Lords and House of Commons are quite similar. In which legislative function is the House of Lords NOT involved?
    Questioning the executive
    Amending Legislation
    Financial legislation
    Initiating Legislation

5. The House of Lords historically exercised a function the House of Commons did not share. What is this function that was altered by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005?
    Jurisdiction over all matters relating to the European Union
    Appointment of the Prime Minister
    Final court of appeal for civil cases in the United Kingdom and for criminal cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
    Governance of the colonies

6. In 1911 the first Parliament Act resulted in the House of Lords losing its power to veto legislation with one exception. Over what type of legislation did the House of Lords retain a veto?
    A bill to prolong the lifetime of a Parliament
    Matters related to prerogatives and privileges of Peers
    Taxation of wealthy estates
    Bills relating to the European Union

7. According to the Parliament Act 1949, what must occur for a bill to become law if not approved by the House of Lords?
    It must be passed in two sessions of the Commons
    Neither of these
    A year must pass between the first Second Reading and final passing in the Commons.
    Both of these

8. In 2004 the House of Lords refused consent to a contentious bill that was of great importance to Labour Party backbenchers. What issue dear to some members of the House of Lords was being hotly contested?
    European parliamentary elections
    Fox hunting
    Sexual offenses
    War crimes

9. The House of Lords long excluded women. In what year were the first women seated in the House of Lords?

10. On what does the Lord Chancellor sit while presiding over the House of Lords?
    The Stone of Scone
    The Jeweled Throne
    Cromwell's chair
    The Woolsack

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