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Holy Wood

Created by TOR_Hershman

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Holy Wood game quiz
"The Church of Ed Wood is a legal religion with members on five continents. Its primary function is the enjoyment and study of the splendiferously supernal works of B-movie director Edward D. Wood, Jr."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is the founder of Woodism?
    Brother Sis
    Reverend Dr. Lynn Lemon
    Reverend Steve Galindo
    Pastor Iva B. Flick

2. An Ed Wood Church sanctioned festival of three bands and an Ed Wood film was called what?
    Ed's Epiphany EDification Show
    Wood In The Bread Pan Pickin' Out Dough Show
    Mardi Party HolyWood
    Ed WoodStock

3. The Church of Ed Wood has been written of in which three of these publications?
    Hustler - U. S. News & World Report - Reader's Digest
    GQ - Penthouse - People
    The New Republic - Newsweek - Rolling Stone
    The National Enquirer - The New Yorker - Playboy

4. Which is an offering of The Church of Ed Wood?
    Instant delays of immediate procrastination
    Instant forgiveness for having viewed "Gone With The Wind" more than once
    Instant baptisms into Woodism
    Instant forgiveness for not having viewed "Jail Bait"

5. Our, Woodites, Savior's death day, December 10th [1978], is celebrated each year by Woodites as what?
    Ed's End Day
    I Woke Up Early The Day I Died Feast
    Plan 6 Feet Under Day

6. Woodism has a saint that is an inanimate object. What is it?
    Mr. Luna - a globe of Earth's moon
    Mr. Tuna - a plastic fish
    Mr. Beakey - a rubber duck
    Mr. Speaky - a microphone

7. Woodism has a four-legged saint whose name and species are what?
    Sugar Dreams - a horse
    Dude - a dog
    Twitchy - a hamster
    Tussels - a cat

8. When is Woodian New Year's Eve?
    June 22
    October 31
    December 22
    March 11

9. In "Plan 9 from Outer Space" what is a great lesson taught by Savior Wood?
    All movies are created equal
    Don't bend, fold or hamster dance
    Keep the faith, not the fool, on the hill
    All people are idiots

10. Which of these is a supernal text of Woodism?
    Angora, Alligators, Ali Baba And Scream Stained Hallways
    Room #9 At The Shanghai Motel
    A Dollar Short And D.O.A.
    Hollywood Rat Race

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Compiled Jun 28 12