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"The Nanny" Part One: C.C.

Created by Galaxyfan

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'The Nanny'- Characters and Actors
The Nanny Part One CC game quiz
"I've decided to do a three part quiz on Niles and C.C. from "The Nanny" because I think they are really funny characters. Part one is all about C.C. Babcock, Maxwell's business partner. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What does C.C. stand for in her name?
    Answer: (2 words)

2. What was C.C.'s dog's name?

3. C.C.'s married her worst enemy, Niles, in the last episode of "The Nanny."

4. What was C.C.'s father's name?

5. C.C. and Fran were best of friends.

6. In the episode "Val's Boyfriend", why did C.C. quit her job?
    she wanted a raise
    she wanted another job
    she was mad that Maxwell loved Fran
    she got another job offer

7. What is the name of the actress who played C.C.?
    Nicholle Tom
    Madeline Zima
    Lauren Lane
    Renee Taylor

8. In one episode, Fran and C.C. got stuck in what part of the Sheffield mansion?
    Maxwell's room
    wine cellar

9. In the episode, "Deep Throat" what social gathering did C.C. attend?
    a sorority reunion
    social tea
    a producer meeting
    a college reunion

10. In one episode, C.C. makes a bet with her brother about whether or not he can get Fran on "Jeopardy." C.C. loses what to her brother?
    a car
    her dog
    her apartment
    a horse

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Compiled Jun 28 12