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Tuxedo Gin

Created by bookphreak

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Tuxedo Gin game quiz
"This is a great manga, one of my favorites of all time! Now that the series has finished, you should know the answer to all these questions. Enjoy! Please note that all questions are based on the VIZ Media translation of the manga."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is the main character of this manga? (correct spelling of his name)
    Ginshi Kusanaji
    Ginji Kusanaji
    Ginshi Sasebo
    Ginji Sasebo

2. Who is the main character's best friend?
    Musashi Sasebo
    Musaji Kondo
    Musashi Kusanaji
    Musashi Kondo

3. What happens to the main character in Book One?
    He dies
    He invents a new bike
    He wins to lottery
    He loses his debut boxing match

4. What animal does Ginji choose to be reincarnated as?
    Answer: (one word)

5. Who is the evil cat who constantly beats our main character?
    Answer: (One Word)

6. Who does the main character love?
    Ko Sasebo
    Musashi Kondo
    Minako Sasebo

7. Where does the story take place?
    Hong Kong

8. Who is Nana-Chan?
    A pink penguin
    Musashi's girlfriend
    Another penguin
    A giant walrus

9. Who is the 'genius' penguin?

10. How does the main character die as an animal?
    Old age
    Eaten by another animal
    Hit by car

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Compiled Jun 28 12