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Awfully Awkward Anecdotes

Created by Nannanut

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Words in Common
Awfully Awkward Anecdotes game quiz
"These awkward nonsense sentences relate to a common word. In each question, the phrase or word that seems awkward or out of place, will have the same meaning as the word that should appear in the sentence."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Let's look at this sentence to get you started.

The dentist told the boy he had a fine set of teeth and eucalyptus trees.
Eucalyptus trees are also gums - and teeth belong in gums.

OK - on with the quiz.

The vegetable patch was irresistible and Con the market gardener was at his wits' end. He had no way of controlling the round irregular bullets that invaded his lettuces each night.
    Answer: (One word - 5 letters - plural)

2. The tornado was approaching and Ken needed to ensure that his little cottage was secure. He nailed a group of individuals with advisory powers across the window and made sure everything was storm proof.
    Answer: (One word - 5 or 6 letters - begins with b)

3. Tina was so thrilled - the hanging basket looked beautiful. She carefully put the last flowering factory in place and gently covered the roots with the remainder of the soil.
    Answer: (One word - 5 letters)

4. Harold needed to make sure his letter made the 7pm postal collection. He placed a quick but heavy downward thrust of his foot carefully in one corner of the envelope and hurried out into the cool evening air.
    Answer: (One word - 5 letters)

5. Roger stared down the court at the player waiting on the baseline. He paused before throwing up the ball. His noisy disturbance slammed the serve straight past his hapless opponent.
    Answer: (One word - 6 letters only - be careful of spelling variation)

6. The testing range sergeant was ready to detonate the latest explosive device. All soldiers retreated to the reinforced underground sand hazard on a golf course to watch the fireworks.
    Answer: (One word - 6 letters)

7. There was nothing like a short sharp summer rain to refresh dusty feathers. Denver the mallard duck gave a satisfied sigh and began preening himself with his itemised statement of amounts owing.
    Answer: (One word - 4 letters)

8. Bill the builder watched as the roofing material was hoisted to the top of the building. Now all the gang needed to do was to fix each sheet with metal breeding farms and the job would be finished.
    Answer: (One word - 5 letters - plural)

9. The sea was rough and wild. Toby climbed to the top of the headland. The wind was picking up. He turned to watch the hand movements of greeting crashing against the rocky shoreline.
    Answer: (One word - 5 letters - plural)

10. Glennis couldn't decide between the crystal vase and the silver butter knives. She was the maid of honour after all and she wanted the perfect gift for the short fall of rain.
    Answer: (One word - 6 letters)

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Compiled Jun 28 12