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Slap Shot

Created by privateryan

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Slap Shot game quiz
"This is dedicated to all those who know just which sports movie is the greatest of all time. Hope you enjoy it."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Paul Newman played which character name in the movie?
    Reg Dunlop
    Ted Dunlop
    Hal Dunlop
    Art Dunlop

2. What role did Paul Newman play in the movie?
    Playing coach

3. Where did the Hansen brothers play before joining Dunlop's team?
    The North American Hockey League
    The Hammer League
    The Bruiser League
    The Iron League

4. What did the Hansen brothers do before every game?
    They put on the foil
    Skated around and hit an opposing player
    They sharpened thier sticks
    Got into a fight

5. Which actor did not star in Slap Shot?
    Paul Dooley
    Michael Ontkean
    Jack Warden
    M. Emmet Walsh

6. What year was Slap Shot released?

7. Without looking in movie guides, who directed Slap Shot?
    Paul Newman
    Bob Clark
    George Roy Hill
    Michael Cimino

8. What team did the Hansen brothers, Dunlop, Brayden and the rest of the team in Slap Shot play for?
    Answer: (Two Words)

9. Dunlop made up the news that the team would be traded to get the team to play better. Where was the destination Dunlop said there was interest?

10. What did the Hansen brothers bring with them on a certain road trip?
    Phone number for a favorite pizza place
    Heavy gloves
    Their toys
    Punching bag

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Compiled Jun 28 12