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Get Your Head Around These! 6

Created by musicmonkeyman

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Riddles
Get Your Head Around These 6 game quiz
"Enjoy a challenge? If so, try these tricky riddles - I dare you! The hints will help. "

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I am a blade, yet strange, but true

My fate is often to be cut by you

Cruelly mown down because I grew.

(Don't forget to read the hints)
    Answer: (One Word of Five Letters)

2. Information conveyed by print or word of mouth

Initially coming from North, East, West & South.
    Answer: (One Word of Four Letters)

3. Until you speak I'll not be heard

I then respond to your every word.
    Answer: (One Word of Four Letters - I am an _ _ _ _?)

4. Our description may cause surprise

We have twelve faces and forty-two eyes

Yes we are a pair of _ _ _ _ ?
    Answer: (One Word of Four Letters)

5. I am always there, some distance away

Somewhere between land or sea and sky I lay

You may move toward me, yet distant I'll stay.
    Answer: (One Word of Seven Letters - Begins with H)

6. Take a female horse and chop off its tail

Now turn it around for a sheep that's male
    Answer: (One Word of Three Letters)

7. Break me to make me better - I am immediately set

But now harder to break again - In sport, the best result yet.
    Answer: (One Word of Six Letters - I am a _____?)

8. If the wind blows only from the north

Where must I be on planet earth?
    Answer: (Two Words of Five & Four Letters)

9. I start in July and end in November.

What's my name - can you decipher?
    Answer: (One Word of Five Letters - Give This Some Initial Thought)

10. I am a nut, but have no shell

Too many of me will make you swell

Sweet on the outside, I don't always have a middle

Should be enough clues to solve this yummy riddle.
    Answer: (One Word of Five or Eight Letters)

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Compiled Jun 28 12