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An Orioles Campaign: 2005

Created by coolsam

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Baltimore Orioles
An Orioles Campaign 2005 game quiz
"This is a quiz asking you all about the stats and facts of the Orioles during the 2005 season."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who led the Orioles in home runs in 2005?
    Javy Lopez
    Miguel Tejada
    Melvin Mora
    Jay Gibbons

2. What was the name of the manager that was fired with two months left in the 2005 season?
    Lee Mazzilli
    Terry Crowley
    Sam Perlozzo
    Jim Palmer

3. How long did Eric Byrnes hit streak last after joing the O's in 2005?
    6 games
    15 game
    11 games
    8 games

4. Who was suspended 10 games for being busted for steroids?
    Sammy Sosa
    Rafael Palmeiro
    Brian Roberts
    Steve Kline

5. Who robbed David Ortiz of a three-run home run in July?
    David Newhan
    Jay Gibbons
    Larry Bigbie
    Luis Matos

6. Who led Orioles pitchers in wins in 2005?
    Daniel Cabrera
    Rodrigo Lopez
    Bruce Chen
    B.J. Ryan

7. Who did the Orioles trade for Sammy Sosa before the season began?
    Jerry Hairston Jr.
    Buddy Groom
    Matt Riley
    Jeff Fiorentino

8. Who led the Orioles in hits in 2005?
    Luis Matos
    Brian Roberts
    Miguel Tejada
    Javy Lopez

9. Who was the Orioles bullpen coach in 2005?
    Dave Cash
    Tom Trebblehorn
    Ray Miller
    Elrod Hendricks

10. What was the job of Fred Manfra?
    General Manager
    Minor league scout
    Major league scout

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Compiled Jun 28 12