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The Angels' History

Created by Dead Man Inc

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The Angels History game quiz
"Here is an extensive history quiz of the Angels. I hope you learn something from this quiz! Good luck."

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1. In 1964, which Angels' pitcher won the Cy Young Award?
    Answer: (Two Words or just surname)

2. In what year in Angels franchise history did Nolan Ryan become the fifth pitcher in Major League history to record two no-hitters in a single season?

3. In 1984, Angel star Reggie Jackson became the 13th player in history to hit 400 home runs.

4. In 1992, the Angels retired pitching great Nolan Ryan's jersey number 30. Which of the following career stats for Ryan is false?
    He finished his career with a 138-121 record
    He finished his career with 291 games played
    He finished his career with an 3.06 ERA
    He finished his career with more losses then wins

5. At the beginning of the 2002 season, the Angels had the best record in franchise history with 14 wins and 6 losses.

6. Who did the Angels beat to win their first World Series in 2002?
    Chicago Cubs
    Houston Astros
    St. Louis Cardinals
    San Franciso Giants

7. In the 2004 season, which Angel finished the season off with an 18-12 record and a 3.41 ERA?
    Answer: (Two Words or just surname)

8. How many at-bats did legendary Jim Fregosi have with the Angels?

9. Who was named the 2002 World Series Most Valuable Player for the Angels?
    Answer: (Two Words or just surname)

10. Which of the following numbers is retired by the Angels for Jackie Robinson?

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