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Australia in 1971

Created by mandamoo

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Australia in the 1970s
Australia in 1971 game quiz
"Here is the second part to my series of quizzes based on events that happened in Australia during the 1970's. See how much you know, or can remember, from the year 1971."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Prime Minister John Gorton was deposed by a party room vote in March of 1971. Who was his successor?
    William McMahon
    Malcolm Fraser
    Gough Whitlam
    John McEwen

2. Can you name the long running childrens' variety television show that premiered in 1971?
    Mr Squiggle
    Simon Townsend's Wonderworld
    Young Talent Time
    Teen Scene

3. Who was Australia's King of Pop for 1971?
    Johnny Farnham
    Normie Rowe
    Jamie Redfern
    Daryl Braithwaite

4. Another long running television variety program made its debut in 1971. Can you name it?
    Blankety Blanks
    Hey Hey It's Saturday
    The Mike Walsh Show

5. What was introduced in Australia on a trial basis in October, 1971?
    Daylight Saving
    Curfews for teenagers
    Colour television
    Ethnic radio

6. Which natural resource was discovered off Western Australia in 1971?
    Natural gas

7. In which sport was a shorter version introduced in Australia in 1971?

8. Can you name the Australian Of The Year for 1971?
    Gerard Kennedy
    Clifton Pugh
    Evonne Goolagong
    David Williamson

9. 1971 saw the withdrawal of Australian troops from which country?
    Falkland Islands
    East Timor
    Persian Gulf

10. What was the #1 song in Australia for 1971?
    "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison
    "Knock Three Times" by Dawn
    "The Pushbike Song" by The Mixtures
    "Eagle Rock" by Daddy Cool

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Compiled Nov 09 12