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Do You Know Toronto

Created by dragostea

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Do You Know Toronto game quiz
"How well do you know Toronto? Let's see how much you know about Canada's largest city. This should be easy for those living here. Learn a little as well."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Before the merging of the municipalities on January 1, 1998 to create the Metro Toronto, how many boroughs were there (e.g. North York)?

2. What was the city's name before being called Toronto?

3. What area of Toronto is known as the "5th Street of Toronto" where the "upscale" people shop?
    The Annex
    Eastside st.

4. In 1955 the government built the largest subsidised housing project in Canada in Toronto. What is the name of this area?
    High Park
    Covernent Park
    Revam Park
    Regent Park

5. In 2005 there were 78 murders were in Toronto. This was a jump from the 60+ murders in 2004. What single area had the most homicides?
    Old Mill

6. Toronto is a fine example of diversity in a city. In what area of the city would I find the Greeks?
    Gerrard St.
    The Danforth
    The Annex

7. Toronto is famous for its CN tower. What other world famous building is found directly west of the CN tower?
    Skyreach building
    Skyblone building
    Rogers Center
    Rogers Stadium

8. What is Toronto's international airport called?
    Pierre Elliot Trudeau
    Dover S. Linon
    John A. Macdonald
    Lester B. Pearson

9. In 2005 Toronto's official soccer team came last in the USL standings, what is the name of their team?
    Toronto Lynx
    Toronto Raiders
    Toronto Ticats
    Toronto Olympians

10. What is the area where famous people live, houses sell for multi-millions, and is also known as "Millionaires" Row"?
    The Annex
    Forest Hill
    Bridle Path

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Compiled Nov 28 13