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'The Shield' Seasons 1-4

Created by GameMaster1967

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The Shield Seasons 14 game quiz
"FX Network began airing "The Shield" to critical acclaim in March 2002. This covers events through the end of season four."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Season one- Who did the Strike team murder at the end of the 'Pilot' episode?
    Captain Aceveda
    None of these
    Inspector Andy Trudeau
    Detective Terry Crowley

2. Season one- What actor portrayed Vic's friend, Assistant Chief Ben Gilroy?
    John Goodman
    John Diehl
    George Dzundza
    Georg Stanford Brown

3. Season two- Whose review of the Barn is leaked to the press, causing many to worry about losing their jobs?
    Emma Prince
    Lanie Kellis
    Monica Rawlings
    Maria Shriver

4. Why is Detective Wagenbach called Dutch?
    Dutch is his first name
    he never pays for his dates' meals
    his first name is Holland
    he is from Holland

5. Season two- Who did the money, from the money train robbery, belong to?

6. Season three- Who was NOT on Claudette's Decoy Squad?

7. Season three- Vic and Corrine begin to see signs of autism in their youngest child.

8. Who sexually assaulted Captain David Aceveda and was killed in season four?
    Antwon Mitchell
    None of these
    Alex Diaz
    Juan Lesano

9. Season four- Monica Rawlings takes over David's position as captain of the Barn. Who played her?
    Glenn Close
    Kristine Sutherland
    Brooke Shields
    Bette Midler

10. Choose the two beloved cops murdered in season four.
    Carl and Scooby
    Truck and Martin
    Don and Vince
    Horn and Liza

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