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Another Animorph Quiz

Created by dayday_mamac

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Applegate, K.A.
Another Animorph Quiz game quiz
"This is my second quiz on my favorite book series: "Animorphs"!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Fill in the blank. "Live ____ or die!"

2. Who is Crayak's faithful servant?
    The Drode

3. Cassie and Jake shared their first kiss on an alien planet.

4. The Animorphs eventually defeated the Howlers.

5. Why did Marco finally decide to join the animorphs?
    He wanted to save his mother
    Because his brother is a Controller.
    He just wanted to be the hero.
    Because he always wanted to have a comic book-like life.

6. Why was Visser One pushing for a slow style of infiltration in Earth?
    Because she has children, Darwin and Madra. She is afraid they may die if an all-out war breaks.
    Because Eva, her host, pushes through.
    Because she has children, Pewey and Hildy. She is afraid they may die if an all-out war breaks.
    She just likes manipulating people.

7. What happened to Jake in "The Capture"?
    He died.
    He double-crossed the Yeerks.
    He betrayed the group.
    He was infested by a Yeerk.

8. What did Alloran do that made the whole empire of Yeerks hate him?
    He sent out viruses in the Hork-Bajir homeworld so that the Hork-Bajir will die rather than fall to the hands of the yeerks.
    He killed half of their crew.
    He quadruple-crossed the Yeerks.
    He made the Animorphs.

9. How was Elfangor described in Yeerk standards?
    A mass murderer -- no single Andalite has killed many Yeerks.
    A nobody -- he was the type to just sit and smile to them all day.
    A great leader -- He led them to the invasion of the Gedds.
    A cheerleader --- he cheered for them secretly and spied on his fellow Yeerks.

10. What was the result of Elfangor's short stay on Earth as a human, when he used the time matrix to deal with stuff?
    Ice Age
    Nothing. He never did that.
    Simply put -- Tobias

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Compiled Jun 28 12