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Blind Melon

Created by Gbicec

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Blind Melon game quiz
"Blind Melon - one of the great groups of our time no one knows about. If you just remember 'No Rain' you don't wanna take this quiz, this is my way to get the word out about a band."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What state was Shannon Hoon from?

2. What town did Shannon die in?
    New Orleans

3. What was the name of their second album?
    No Rain
    Blind Melon

4. Who was their last album named after?
    Brad's mother
    Shannon's daughter
    Roger's wife
    Chris's sister

5. What was Brad Smith's job in the band?
    Harmony singer and Lead Guitar
    Harmony singer and Bassist
    Harmony singer and Rhythm Guitar
    Harmony singer

6. After Shannon's death some of them went and played for a band with a couple former members of Pearl Jam. What is the name of the band?
    Answer: (Two Words)

7. What "School House Rock" song did they copy?
    Interplanet Janet
    Mr. Morton
    Lucky Seven Sampson
    Three is a Magic Number

8. What Led Zeppelin song did they copy?
    Out on the Tiles
    Dazed and Confused
    Stairway to Heaven
    The Ocean

9. What was the year of Shannon's death?

10. What did Shannon have tattooed on his left forearm?
    God's Presence(poem)
    Goodnight Chelsea (Poem)
    A Rose in Time (poem)
    Let it Go (poem)

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Compiled Jun 28 12