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'Monty Python': The Killer Joke

Created by pangaea

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Monty Python The Killer Joke game quiz
"This quiz is devoted to the immortal Killer Joke sketch from 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which episode was the 'Killer Joke' sketch in?
    Whither Canada (episode 1)
    Full-Frontal Nudity (episode 8)
    Sex and Violence (episode 2)
    How to Recognize Different Trees from Quite a Long Way Away (episode 3)

2. Which Python played the wife of Ernest Scribbler, the man who wrote the killer joke?
    Eric Idle
    John Cleese
    Michael Palin
    Graham Chapman

3. The policeman that retrieved the joke from Scribbler's home died.

4. How far away could the joke still be deadly?
    50 yards
    30 yards
    150 yards
    100 yards

5. What was the last line of the first joke the Germans used to match the killer joke?
    Something you see in Paris.
    Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

6. In what year was the German version of the killer joke first used?

7. What does the Gestapo officer do to the captured British soldier to get him to tell the joke?
    He insults him
    He shoots him in the foot
    He fake slaps him
    He tickles him with a feather

8. Who plays both Gestapo officers with signs around their necks?
    John Cleese
    Michael Palin
    Terry Jones
    Graham Chapman

9. The German V-joke killed thousands of British citizens when it was broadcast in English.

10. "In 1945, peace broke out. It was the end of the joke. Joke warfare was banned in a special session of the Geneva convention, and in ____, the last remaining copy of the joke was laid to rest here in the Berkshire countryside, never to be told again."

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Compiled Jun 28 12