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British TV and Radio Catch Phrases

Created by mochyn

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British TV and Radio Catch Phrases game quiz
"Catch phrases that have caught the imagination of the British viewer and have left an indelible mark for posterity."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin." Which radio show used this catch phrase?
    Andy Pandy
    Blue Peter
    Listen With Mother

2. "How tickled I am." Which beloved Knotty Ash comedian uttered these immortal words?
    Jimmy Tarbuck
    Eric Morcambe
    Ernie Wise
    Ken Dodd

3. "Evening All". This short phrase was uttered by a uniformed constable. Who was he?
    Charles of Cutlers Close
    Badger of Broadmoor
    Dixon of Dock Green
    Allen of Ash Grove

4. "Exterminate, Exterminate". This catch phrase made many children hide behind their sofas when this programme came on. What was the name of the show?
    Dr Who
    Blakes Seven
    Day of the Triffids

5. "Ying tong iddle I po" was the catch phrase of Neddy Seagoon. Who played Neddy Seagoon?
    Michael Bentine
    Harry Secombe
    Peter Sellars
    Spike Milligan

6. "Didn't they do well?" A catch phrase heard on a popular game show.
Who uttered these words?
    Jim Davidson
    Bruce Forsyth
    Jim Carrey
    Jim Baxter

7. Which London wide boy had the catch phrase "Lovely Jubbly"?
    Del Boy

8. Which show ended each episode with two people sitting at a news desk with the catch phrase, "Now it's goodnight from me. And it's goodnight from him. Goodnight"?
    Cannon and Ball
    Morcambe and Wise
    Little and Large
    The Two Ronnies

9. "And now for something completely different", was the catch phrase for which comedy show?
    Monty Python's Flying Circus
    The Kenny Everett Show
    The Goodies
    The Fast Show

10. "Listen carefully, I will say this only once", was made famous by which World War Two comedy show?
    It A'int Half Hot, Mum
    Spies Like Us
    Two For Tokio
    'Allo 'Allo

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Compiled Jun 28 12